Vote: Are Plantable Coffee Cups the Next Big Thing?

By Abbey Tiderman 05.13.2016 blog


Chances are you either love yourself a cup o’ joe every morning, or know plenty of people who do. Whether it’s the Dunkin’ Donuts drive through, or a stop into Starbucks or another local joint, coffee on the go is simply part of the American way of life. But did you know that iced or hot habit adds up to about 400 million cups every single day? That’s billions upon billions every year. And since all those paper cups can only be recycled so many times, landfills are, well, filling up.

That’s why the company Reduce. Reuse. Grow. was createdto educate people on the impact our consumption habits are having on the planet. And why they created plantable coffee cups. Their disposable cups have seeds embedded in them which, when planted in the ground grow non-GMO, native plants. The cup’s paper biodegrades in about the time it takes to complete just one school year. “We are setting out to change the way consumers perceive the value and use of their trash in which we waste daily,” says founder Alex Henige on their website.


Depending on where the cup is sold, its design changes to that state’s outline, and the seeds are chosen according to that region’s native plants. So far, the cups are only available in San Luis Obispo, California but they’re working on expanding into other areas of the state, Denver, Colorado, Seattle, Washington, and for the earth’s sake, hopefully beyond.  So what do you say? Would you take the time to plant a coffee cup?


  1. tclick01

    Yes because it would be like coffee only in Plant cup forme and trust me I have other forms where that cam from

  2. Kaitlyn

    I say no you cant reuse the plantable cups i rather use my good old coffee mug

  3. Ryan cain

    Yes, it could help areas need of plants and make a good garden.

  4. Isabella Montoya

    “It was a big thing like in the 1900’s not 2016. Maybe the next OLD thing could be planting plants in a bathtub. You can by the coffee cups at walmart in the PLANT SECTION!.”

  5. Roger

    Yes, because it would make coffee cups more resourceful without hurting trees

  6. Meghan

    I think its a god choice for the environment, but i think people should’ent just leave them around the streets and such.I guess if you want to buy a tree for cheaper than usual, then this is also a good choice.LOL

  7. Javier Jimenez

    It will help those animals who need trees because people are cutting them down for paper and tools.

  8. Isabella

    I think plantable coffee cups are the next big thing because they would help the environment.

  9. Charlie garcia

    Yes implantable coffee cups are the next big thing.

  10. Erin

    I think the coffee cup idea is a great way to give back to the environment after what we use

  11. Julian

    Of course I’ll say yes! A plant able coffee cup is just what we need. It’s putting oxygen back into the earth.

  12. Julian

    Of course I’ll say yes! Because it helps the environment. A plant able coffee cup is putting oxygen back into the earth.

  13. Emma

    I think that it will be a fun thing to do after you drink your coffee and its good for the earth.

  14. Megan

    This idea benefits our earth in many ways such as by reducing waste and putting more plants on the earth that will help reduce green house gasses.

  15. Luke

    I do not think it is the next big thing.

  16. Flash_Fan_2004

    This will be the next big thing because they are going to 2 good causes: coffee and the world!!!

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