The Ruggie

By Abbey Tiderman 04.15.2016 blog

Ahh, the snooze button. Whether it’s the beeps and buzzing of a bedside alarm clock or an blaring cell phone ring tone, most of us revel in being able to tap that magical silence button once or twice before getting up and starting the day. And who can blame us for wanting a little “extra” time to snuggle up under the covers?

One company suggests, however, that the snooze button doesn’t give us extra time at all. That snoozing actually takes away valuable time from the day, makes us late, more stressed, and less productive. So they challenge all of us to “stop losing to the snooze” with their new alarm clock rug, Ruggie, that requires three seconds of firm pressure from you feet to turn it off, which is followed by positive or funny messages you customize to help get you going.

The Ruggie was inspired by a slew of successful, famous early-risers including Benjamin Franklin, Bill Gates, Barrack Obama and Elon Musk. It measures 15.5 by 23.5 inches, and features soft memory foam padding with a felt finish, and a touch sensor digital display. It plugs into your computer where its easy-to-use software allows you to load in your positive, motivating wake up messages. Then each morning, the rug’s built in speakers make sure you get the message loud and clear.

Sound good? Are you ready to ditch the snooze button?


  1. Carlie Marchant

    YES so I wont have excuses

  2. danyelle paige

    no because I wake up on my own time “aint no body got time fo dat

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