Self-Cleaning Jeans

By Abbey Tiderman 03.11.2016 blog

Most of us aren’t huge fans of laundry, right? And we’re not too fond of always hearing about laundry from our parents either. So what if we told you there’s a new pair of jeans in town that never have to be washed? Like, ever. Thanks to Odo Denim’s self-cleaning jeans, you can have one less clothing item on the floor—errr, in the hamper—to deal with.

Founder Salman Chaudry explains that the surface of the jeans is made up of billions of microscopic peaks that repel liquids, as opposed to the flat surface of conventional jeans that absorb them. See for yourself.

The liquids roll right off, preventing stubborn stains from being an issue. But what about the less-than-fresh smell that typically surfaces when jeans have gone a little too long between washes?

Sweat and skin residue typically build up on jeans, which brings out bacteria and thus, the smell. Odo Denim jeans, however, contain 10 to 15 grams of silver, which is woven in. According to their website, when exposed to moisture and oxygen, the silver releases an infinite supply of positively charged silver (Ag+) ions that penetrate odor-causing bacteria and disrupt cell division, keeping the jeans forever as fresh as can be. Bonus, you can save water fashionably.

Would you wear these jeans year-round without washing?


  1. khalid

    yes i totally thinks it a great idea. Less hassle,energy. More play.
    So sign me up.

  2. alyssa crowder

    they are not the next big thing because it is not sanitary and now when you first hear it you are thinking wow that is cool but think about it for a day and you will think eww i dont want to have clothes that have had a bunch of gunk on them

  3. Hannah rea peoples

    i think it is the next big thing

  4. Hannah rea peoples

    yes because people get there jeans dirty but if they have those they just slid off

  5. kenzie

    i think self clean jeans are the nbt

  6. Ashlyn

    These jeans are definitely not the new thing you still have to wash them.

  7. brittney haan

    i think the self cleaning jeans are the next big thing

  8. Cierra M

    I would think that you would have to ways them sometime that would be discusting to not was your jeans and wear the same pare over and over and over again!!!!!

    • αиιуα ʝσниѕσи

      I agree with you because you might have to wash them you are not going to weae them over and over again like that!!

  9. Akiyah york

    I think the self cleaning jeans are the NBT because when they get dirty you can’t tell because they are gonna be self clean and it might be nasty to wear the same thing over and over again but i think it’s the NBT .

  10. Aidan B

    I think that self cleaning jeans aren’t the next big thing because even though there is no stain, it would still feel like they were dirty. I think i’ll stick to the normal denim jeans.

  11. Jeff

    Why have pant’s that clean them self’s when you have trash bags?

  12. Hannah kissel

    I think its a great idea because moms should have breaks from all that laundry.

    • Chloe Byrd

      i think its a great idea! then we won’t have to pay as much for our water bill ,and you don’t have to worry like 2 days about the pair of jeans you wanna wear ,bc you don’t have to wash them.

      • Hannah rea peoples

        i think it is the next big thing

  13. Lisa

    No way!

  14. Kaleigh from noble middle school

    Even though it is dirty to wear the same clothes after you just wore them I still think it is the next big thing because some people spend a lot of money washing clothes.some people don’t really like to wash clothe a lot so these pants will help a lot

  15. Emmy Shafer

    I think it could be the next big thing but u would of course still need to wash them properly.

  16. Hannah

    Yes, self cleaning jeans are the next big thing! I think so because moms will have less laundry to do and kids can wipe any mess right off without having to change into a new pair of jeans. This is great for on the go messes too so you don’t have to go home and change.

  17. Jada

    I think self cleaning jeans is the next big thing.

    • alyssa crowder

      totally not the next big thing

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