Self-Filling Water Bottles

By Abbey Tiderman 04.08.2016 blog

Know that feeling at practice when you’ve run out of water but there’s not a drop left to drink? Athletes, hikers and bikers across the world do too. Water’s heavy and replenishing a safe supply has long been a problem. And with the suffering caused by extreme water scarcity in some parts of the world, a potentially life-changing invention for everyone is making a big splash across the globe: self-filling water bottles.

The award-winning design was developed by Kristof Retezár of Vienna Austria, who says “The technology uses the principles of condensation in order to extract humidity contained in the air and convert it into safe drinkable water.”

Patent pending Fontus water bottles hold up to .8 liters of water, and use solar energy to power a fan, which takes surrounding air into the system. Once captured, that air’s humidity is then condensed on hydrophobic surfaces and ultimately stored as liquid drinking water. Then there’s a compartment at the bottom where capsules re-mineralize the water.

While Retezár and his team stress that water output and quality may vary depending on conditions and where you are in the world, they are still tweaking design and have launched a crowd-funding campaign to help them get Fontus products to mass market. “Perks” for financially supporting the project get you your own self-filling water bottle and start at $165. Thoughts?


  1. Carlie Marchant

    Yes I would love to have this at school for cross country

  2. hope

    no this is not the next big thing i would rather do it my self than what a hour


    I think the self filling water bottle is the next big thing because places in the world are having to deal whith droughts because of climate change and that will give them there water supply.

  4. zakyha

    yes it will become the next big thing because you will never go late again

  5. Cody franklin

    Best for hikeing and army

  6. Ashley

    I think this is the next big thing because if somebody is lost and they have the water bottle they won’t dehydrate.

  7. Elizabeth Conant

    Yes,yes,yes,sign me up now

    • Cody franklin

      Yes, beacause it will help the envirment

    • Aliana

      I like it because you don’t need to bring a whole gallows of water at hiking.

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