Shark Repellent Swimsuits

By Tonka Dobreva 05.08.2015 blog

There are only about 50-100 shark attacks every year worldwide, but the majority of those happen in Australia. So the Australian government turned to the scientists at Shark Attack Mitigation Systems (SAMS) to come up with a way to get those numbers even lower.

Their stylish solution to the problem are two shark-repellent swimsuits, one called the “Cryptic” and the other called the “Warning.” Sharks have good eyesight, but they don’t process patterns easily. That’s why both suits feature bold patterns that can confuse the sea predators and keep swimmers safe.

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 3.14.19 PMThe “Cryptic” suit (via SAMS)

The Cryptic suit is designed for divers and uses tones of blue and white to help it blend in with the water. This suit’s pattern has very specific shapes in various sizes that sharks can’t pick up on, making a diver almost completely invisible.

The Warning is for surfers, and has a black and white striped pattern that is designed to look unlike any animal that a shark would want to eat. Many people believe that sharks attack surfers when they mistake them for seals as they lie down on their boards. Scientists noticed that sharks don’t bother striped fish, so they recreated that pattern in the suit.

Both of these shark repellent suits have been tested on tiger sharks, and eventually, scientists plan to test them on great whites. You can see some of their tests in the video below:

Could shark repellent swimsuits be the next big thing? Vote and let us know what you think in the comments!


  1. Samuel Robb

    shark attacks happen so often, this product could possibly reduce that

  2. Tyquan Ranenell

    It is way more safe for families to have fun and surf freely. Rock on, I want to vote for some more good ideas.

    • ava collier

      very cool i know im just a kid but my class watch’s this everyday.!.!

  3. Tyquan

    It is way more safe for families to have fun and surf freely.

  4. Tyquan

    It is way more safe.

  5. Tyquan

    This is pretty cool because you can surf with no worries at all man.

  6. Tyquan

    That is pretty cool because you get to surf with no worries at all.

  7. Celeste

    think it is great


    I think its helpful

    • lucy lawal

      anything helps i guess

  9. Mrs.Wise's Class

    Hi we think it will help protect ourselves

  10. Miss Piggy

    This is a very clever invention. Now I can stop worrying when I go surfing. Thanks!

  11. bob

    i think it is because it will save peoples live

  12. sendro

    but the suit dosen’t protect your arms and legs

  13. CeeCee Delgado

    I think that it will be a good idea if it really works well because for those people that love to serf or swim always have at the back of their head that “what if they get hurt” so if it they can test it and it works I think it should really be worth it.

  14. demitri lentz

    the shark repellent suits can help the people surf without dieing from shark attacks

  15. Moises from NBN

    First of all these suits can cost a lot and some people might not have enough money, also the swim suits aren’t 100% safe which makes me think twice about buying one.

  16. Andre blanco

    I think that it is a good idea because I go swimming all the time and I always have the thought in my mind

  17. Sarai

    I say yes because im a surfer, and i think it would be amazing to do what i love with no worries 🙂

    • Brian Lee burnette

      Yes it will help with shark attacks

    • Brian Lee burnette

      Yes it will help with shark attacks and it will be a lot safer for kids and adults to surf

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