Vote: Are Futuristic Lenses the Next Big Thing?

By Abbey Tiderman 12.04.2016 blog


You know the feeling. Something perfectly picture- or video-worthy happens, and in the scramble to ready your smart phone camera, the moment passes—gone forever. Well, what if you had the ability to capture these precious moments in the blink of any eye? Literally.

No, this isn’t a sci-fi movie. It’s real life, and the future is now. While some of the world’s biggest brands from Go Pro and Google Glass to the Apple Watch have been leading the way in wearable technology over the past few years, the latest and greatest is bringing a whole new modern meaning to contact lenses. But smart lenses by Sony aren’t intended to improve vision. Instead, their function is to record life as it happens, store the footage and even play it back so you never miss a thing.

Piezoelectric sensors on the lenses measure pressure, force and movement from the eye and convert it into an electric charge, making the video capability possible. How do you control it? Sensors familiar with the frequent, regular human pattern of blinking can identify when a person is intentionally blinking outside of that pattern—an action that activates the electromagnetic induction telling the built-in camera to record what you’re seeing. There’s even an autofocus and zoom function!

So what do you think? Would you wear futuristic lenses to your basketball game to catch all the action up close? Would you wear them as you walk across the stage getting your high school diploma?

Vote and tell us what you think — you can even submit video comments to We will feature the results of the poll and some of your comments on the show!


  1. Chloe Knutter

    I will have like a robot eye!

  2. Ella

    I think its
    Next Big Thing because its easier to take videos

  3. alisa

    I love you so much !!!!!!

  4. Molly

    I’d say yes , because that means we are one step closer to having human cyborgs and military robots and stuff !

  5. mckenzie sanders

    no who in there right minds wants a camera in there eye

  6. Nicholas Hagar

    Yes cause it looks so cool and how they use it. I can see the future.

  7. Jermaine

    Me like it

  8. spiderman

    i think its the next big thing because then i can take videos with contacts.

  9. Jesse

    YES! I would want to see the future so I can help others. Because doing the right thing makes me feel good. that and you can make bad things stop from happening.

  10. Trent Thayn

    I think they are the next big thing. When your in class just sitting but you have the smart contact lens in and your just watching YouTube or channel one.

  11. jax metcalf

    I think the lences are the next big thing

  12. Isabella Bennett

    NO!!!!! Because they can damage your eyes and people won’t know that you are spying people that’s eye contact lenses.

  13. Derek

    yes because you can see the world in a whole different view

  14. Mary Ellen

    I think that the Futuristic Lenses are the NBT! Count me in 🙂

    • Xander

      Yes- They are because if you’re not good at baking and you want to make cookies for the holidays it would be a snap.

    • Bob Dillan

      Alright, but how much would it cost? And all it does is record

  15. Alexandria S.

    I think they are the next big thing because its like a phone in your eye you cant drop it all the time.

  16. April

    I think it is the next big thing.

  17. Tony Stark

    Me like it

    • April

      It is amzing

  18. Leah

    Let’s start chillin it at the beach because I think the Futuristic lenses are the next big thing because you can act like you are just sitting at the beach while you really are playing a game.

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