Vote: Are Smart Cookie Ovens the Next Big Thing?

By Abbey Tiderman 12.11.2016 blog


Is there anything better than freshly-baked cookies? Mmm…that aroma, that texture, that taste! But before you can take a bite, or get a whiff of that warm, wonderful sweetness, you have to…well, bake. You know, measuring, mixing, egg-cracking? Then there’s the getting flour everywhere, from the floor to the counter—and even your hair. CHiP is changing things up in the kitchen though. In fact, forget the kitchen. This all-in-one smart oven creates the perfect cookie anytime, anywhere, in just ten minutes. That is one smart cookie.

CHiP’s magical oven is portable and Wif-Fi enabled, features an energy efficient, quick-start Carbon Fiber Convection Heating Element, and a special convection fan that makes sure the cookies have optimal air flow for baking and cooling. All you have to do is drop in a dough pod and press the start button. Zero prep and minimal clean up thanks to the dishwasher safe removable Non-Stick PFOA and PTFE-Free Baking Tray.

The gourmet dough pods are recyclable and you can choose from many different cookie varieties beyond your basic chocolate chip, like Peanut Butter Nutella Swirl, Spiced Carrot Breakfast, and Double Chocolate Brownie, as well as dairy-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, nut-free and vegan options. Have your own cookie dough recipe? Manual mode allows for baking those as well. And with CHiP you can even customize your cookie texture. Simply scan your cookie type with your smartphone, and select your gooey or chewy settings accordingly.

Getting hungry? Ready to welcome CHiP into your home? Considering a monthly dough pod subscription?

Vote and tell us what you think — you can even submit video comments to We will feature the results of the poll and some of your comments on the show!


  1. Alex

    Perfect morning breakfast

  2. Alex P

    Sounds like a perfect simple snack to wake up too.

  3. Joshua

    It should be the next big thing because it cookes cookies perfectly and they are easy to make. (Told you MR. B)

  4. Evelina

    I think smart cookie ovens are the next big thing because so many people have trouble baking in this makes it so much easier for elders and for just little kids that can use them

  5. Addyson

    I think no because when u bake cookies u r suppose to do for fun and u want to have fun when u bake things so when this “Smart Cookie Oven” takes over don’t say I didn’t warn u

  6. Audrey

    No. It’s only purpose is making cookies, and you have to buy certain dough to make the cookies.

  7. Reagan C

    I think the lenses are both a great idea and a bad idea. Positives are we are seeing new technology and the older we get the more it increases and changes our lives! Negative the Contacts may ruin your Eye Sight! Scary!

  8. Sarah

    I think that it is not the next big thing because I think that the experience and spending time with loved ones is what cooking cookies is really about!

  9. Cueroisdstudent

    No,that’s what I have to say. It’s more fun to have an experience then have some robot machine do it for you. If you don’t have the time then oh well or you find time

  10. lena


  11. angie

    i think its not the next big tihing because its fun eating the cookie dough and haveing fun with your friend

  12. Riley Crabtree

    I think the CHiP is the next big thing because it helps people who don’t usually get to enjoy cookies get to try new varieties of cookies and cooking time is reduced so more family time can be enjoyed as well. Also, more items are recycled which is always a good thing.

  13. Riley Crabtree

    I think the CHiP is the next big thing because people who cannot usually enjoy cookies can now try new kinds of cookies and make them a lot faster freeing up time. Also, the machine makes items recyclable and that is always a big plus.

  14. GABBY

    I think the smart cookie oven is the next big thing because it could make baking more easier and useful for special events or for like funraisers.

  15. GABBY

    I think the smart cookie oven is the next big thing because it would be easier to make cookies and even kids could make some as well!!!

  16. Paige

    No i don’t think it will be the next big thing its a waste of money cause we have ovens and a timer.I can look and see if they are done in my own oven.

  17. Recayaisa


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