Vote: Are Snapchat Filter Halloween Costumes the Next Big Thing?

By Abbey Tiderman 10.30.2016 blog

Sorry witches, cats and super heroes. It looks like pop culture costumes are taking over as the latest do-it-yourself Halloween trend. Thus, Pinterest searches for Snapchat filter costumes are up exponentially. So don’t be surprised if you arrive at a party full of all-too-familiar puppy or deer ears, see a bit of “rainbow vomit” here and there, or butterflies and flower crowns in hair. It’s just a sign of the times. And, as you can see, the trend caught on even with our reporters at the Channel One studio!

snapchat-nbt1Want to get in on the DIY Snapchat filter costume action? Head to Pinterest or Youtube yourself. There’s no shortage of creative step-by-step tutorials, printable patterns and inspiration.

snapchat-nbt3Would you go as a Snapchat filter? Which one? Do you think this trend will stick around until next year?

Vote and tell us what you think — you can even submit video comments to We will feature the results of the poll and some of your comments on the show!


  1. Nancy

    Yes because it will save money.

  2. Mia

    Of course i want to do the chat of the snap lol.

  3. lorena

    it will next year i am probebly gonna be the flower clown girl !!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Maura Elia

    I thing it is the big thing I mean like the snap chat dog looks cute on snapchat why not on real like I thing is so cool I love it

  5. Edmund

    Yes because everybody has Snapchat and everyone loves Snapchat. So Snapchat costumes is the next big thing.

    • Aaron C.

      not every one.

  6. Ari Cruz

    Yes,I think that snpchat filters r the next big thing BC it will be awesome!!!

  7. Madison Guynn

    yes snap me in

  8. Brendan

    No, because dressing up for Halloween is just fun in its own way. Showing off your costume to other people is fun to do.

  9. Joseph Steiner from Boardman, Ohio

    Yes. I think it is the Next Big Thing because it is great for snapchatting and chasing your friends until midnight.

    • Brianna

      Totally the next big thing for me, selfies here i come

  10. randi

    yes snap me a pic

  11. Ava

    No, I think that these are a waste of time!

  12. Tay

    I love Snapchat so yes

  13. Donajiah hogg

    Yes so creative and cute…

  14. Kenneth medina

    Yes I think snapchat filters are the next big thing because you get to see how things look on you.

  15. Lula Beckmeyer

    I think snap chat filter Halloween costumes are the next big thing. Everyone tries to do something different every Halloween but want think of stuff. But now tap on your app and pick one!

  16. Hannah MacIntyre

    Yes, the costumes are the next big thing .

  17. Lilly

    Yes.I think the snapchat filters are the new big thing because it’s a creative costume you can make.

  18. Alanah Alvarez

    I think halloween snap chat costumes are the next big thing because you can make them come alive and show your friends what you might be for halloween.

    • aunna

      yes, i think it will be good for those who like snap chat and the wons who dont like them they can just not buy them so that everyone that whats them gets them and everyone that doesnt just leave them alone i mean just caues they dont like them dont mean they have to make it as noone can buy them

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