Vote: Are Space Hotels the Next Big Thing?

By Abbey Tiderman 03.26.2017 blog


What does your dream vacation look like? Are you relaxing on a beach? Nestled in the mountains? It’s 2017. It just might be time to think bigger. We’re talking a room with a view—a view of Earth. That’s right. Getting “away from it all” is taking on a whole new meaning as companies work to create a travel experience that’s literally out of this world. So pack your bags and hold on tight, here are few space hotels you may be heading to someday.


If you’ve got $250,000, Virgin Galactic will take you and five of your closest friends on a journey to suborbital space. It may sound simple, but it has taken 700 engineers working around the clock for over a year to put this SpaceShipTwo project into motion. And although it’s not quite ready yet, there’s already a line of people waiting to climb aboard. Stephen Hawking is first up, with a free ticket to ride, courtesy of Sir Richard Branson.

Commercial Space Station

Created by a Russian firm, Orbital Technologies, this space hotel floats 250 miles above Earth and can house up to seven people at a time. But you’ll have to do more than packing to prepare for this trip—tourists who want in will have to train for up to three months before blast-off. The prospect of day-trips to the moon may make it worth your while though. And don’t worry, you won’t have to say goodbye to Snapchat while you’re up there. Word has it there will be Internet access. Showers, on the other hand? Not so much.

The Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM)

Last year, BEAM was the first inflatable pod to attach to the International Space Station. Made by Bigelow Aerospace, it will remain in space for another year undergoing testing to make sure it can withstand drastic temperatures, debris and cosmic radiation. Scientists and engineers hope at some point to join many pods together to create what essentially could be the first space colonies—perhaps on Mars or the Moon! Because of its compact, inflatable form, it’s relatively light and easy to transport to space, and once up there, the pod expands to 12 feet by 10.5 feet. The catch? This one doesn’t have power yet—astronauts depend on flashlights to make repairs—so it might not be for you if you’re not the camping kind. Also, it currently costs a pretty penny—$28.7 million for 30 days of habitation.

Would you check into one of these space hotels? Are you over the moon about the idea or do you prefer a more down to earth approach to vacation?

Vote and tell us what you think — you can even submit video comments to We will feature the results of the poll and some of your comments on the show!


  1. La Keysha Big Eagle

    I think the space hotel is The Next Big Thing, because we would get a chance to see the entire world right below us it might be a little on the expensive side but it would be awesome…

  2. Sydney Scordato (Willowbrook Middle School)

    Before we start creating hotels in space we need to stable Earth first! There are too many wars and hungry children to be spending money on hotels in space!

  3. Jacob Day

    Yes they are very futuristic and it would be amazing to wake op and be in space!

  4. Magdalen K

    NO because it would be dangerous and you would need training just to go on vacation.

  5. Ashley

    yes space hotels are the next big thing, if you want to get away then you could use it

  6. Caitlin Hill

    I don’t think it is the next big thing, you would only stay up there for 6 months and you would need 3 months of training! Google Earth has a perfect view of Earth already. I don’t want to spend almost 9 months preparing going on a trip that I have a chance of dying, just to see Earth, when I could see it at my own home, right in New Jersey. It will also be expensive. Who had the crazy idea of having normal people go in space! We can also get really sick up there if we aren’t sanitary, because that room seems way to small! How big are the showers? And is there even a television?

  7. katy

    yes, it is the next big thing Because it is some of the dreams that people have of going to space.

  8. Christisn

    Yes I think space hotels are the next big thing because who would not like to go in space

  9. Jamison Morrow

    No, because only six people get to go up and that is not a hotel. Hotels hold a lot more people and it is really expensive.

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