Standing School Desks

By Abbey Tiderman 01.29.2016 blog

Ever slink down in you chair in the middle of class, feeling tired, low on energy and lacking focus? There may just be a simple solution for that common classroom scenario you and your fellow students experience. Four words: slide the chair aside.

That’s right, with the help of the nonprofit Stand Up Kids, Vallecito Elementary School in San Rafael, California became the first in the nation to embrace the healthy initiative of replacing all conventional desks with standing desks—for good reason too.

Standing desks, in both the classroom and the workplace, have been shown to increase attention span and productivity, not to mention reduce a host of health risks including chronic pain, cardiovascular disease and obesity. In 2011, the American Journal of Public Health found that children using standing desks in a classroom burned 17 per cent more calories than those who used sitting desks, and subsequent studies have shown even greater caloric burning outcomes and wellness-boosting benefits.

In a 2014 press release, Jason McCann, President of VARIDESK’s parent company, Gemmy Industries noted, “Indeed, such famous figures as Charles Dickens, Thomas Jefferson, Winston Churchill and Ernest Hemingway all worked at their own do-it-yourself standing desks, which says something about creativity.”

So what do you say? Ready to stand up–literally–and join the “revolution?”


  1. marcie

    Thanks for a very informative article that hits on all the key elements of why physical fitness/movement is so important in our classrooms. The idea of a standing desk inspired The Marvel Group to collaborate with Chicago’s Hyde Park Day School to test and design The Focus Desk. The Marvel Focus Desk enables students to adjust the height themselves, without the help of a teacher. It’s also equipped with expandable work surfaces, organizational folders, and a built-in study carrel. Students love it.

  2. ashley

    This will keep us standing most of the time instead of sitting down all the time.
    This kinda keeps us stay active not in a sport way but standing not sitting an being lazy. keeping us up in the world minus sitting all the time.

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