Recyclable Caps and Gowns

By Tonka Dobreva 05.22.2015 blog

Caps and gowns are a big part of graduations, but for most students they don’t really serve a purpose once all the ceremonies are over. That’s why some schools are switching from standard cloth gowns to more sustainable ones that can be recycled once students are done with them.

The gowns, made by Greanweaver by Oak Hall, are created using 100 percent recycled plastic bottles. After being collected, the bottles are chopped up, melted down, then pressed out into thin yarn. The yarn is then dyed, woven together into a fabric, and cut into lightweight, wrinkle-resistant gowns. Once graduation is finished, students can just drop them into a recycle bin to be turned into something else.

Greenweaver says that they got the idea for sustainable graduation attire after realizing that in the U.S. less than 30 percent of plastic bottles get recycled. Each gown is made up of around 23 bottles, and Greenweaver estimates that they’ve recycled over 53 million bottles since beginning the program in 2009. That means 53 million fewer bottles have gone to landfills and trash heaps in just six years!

What do you think? Could recyclable caps and gowns be the next big thing at graduations? Vote and share your thoughts in the comments!


  1. Brianna

    I think yes because we should try and stop globel warming. And whats the point if you are going to throw them away!?!?!? So if you dont want your then fine. If you dont want them, you dont want them. But you should at least recycle them !!

  2. annabella

    i think that we should keep our cap and gown for a rememberence of school

  3. annabella horne

    i think yes to remember a good memory

  4. annabella horne

    I think that they should be able to keep their cap and gown for a memory

  5. mr. presnel

    if E=mp^2, then green gowns are for hippies

  6. Bailey Solomon

    Yes, help save the Earth with one timer clothes.

  7. Sweetcandy12

    I think it would be better to have recyclable caps and gown because everyone would finally understand that we could use recyclable things better than how we use them now.

  8. Angel Lovett

    I think we should recycle bottles and turn into caps and gowns. If we do that we would keep our Earth clean. That also means less bottles on the streets.

  9. Constantalktino

    Bring on the green im ready

  10. arissa c

    I love the color green bring on

  11. Micah

    Why don’t you just lend your cap and gown to someone that is graduating when your never going to use it anyways.

  12. Micah

    I guess it’s cool and all but its not really needed. I’ll stick to regular caps and gowns.


    recycled hats and gowns uh yeah why not rock some plastic bottles. if you don’t wont to stand out well then go pay to much money and hurt the world. I am going to make a difference somehow.


    I would like to be a part of the world and see how it feels to have trash all over me. I would wear the gowns and I would make sure I rock them.

  15. Cheychey11

    Green isn’t my color


      when I get to collage I will cycle on my new gown

    • 134405

      Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, come on

    • BDNXygon

      I am with you I would love to keep my gown for my memory for high school and college 🙂

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