The Cicret Bracelet

By Tonka Dobreva 01.09.2015 blog

Wearable technology is set to take over the world. Everyone is talking about Google Glass, not to mention the recently revealed Apple Watch. These devices however, only allow you to wear technology, not be the technology.

Enter the Cicret bracelet. With its simple design, the Cicret looks pretty similar to other smart watches, but thanks to a tiny projector and eight proximity sensors, it leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. With a flick of your wrist, you can pull up a map, answer a phone call or play a game of Candy Crush while your skin acts as the screen. Plus it’s waterproof, so you can check all your texts, e-mails and social media messages in the shower.

The Cicret is still in development, but you can see below what the creators hope it will look like:

We asked our viewers to vote whether the Cicret Bracelet could be the next big thing, and here are the results of the poll — over 90 percent said yes!



  1. Mohamed yehia

    welcome hand for connection

  2. Joseph

    wow, this could really lead to the future where there are flying cars, holographic theatres etc.

  3. Morgan McLeod

    Where can I buy one and how much are they?

  4. Madi

    The song that you can put on before you run but then a song that you do not like you have to stop running

  5. Madi

    You can be tempted to be getting your phone out and changing the song to your favorite song but you cannot say ok Google you have to change the song you have to stop your running on the laps that you are doing with your friends.

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