The Smart Cup

By Tonka Dobreva 10.09.2015 blog

Though most people know that you should watch what you eat, it’s a little harder to keep track of what you drink. Avoiding sugary drinks and drinking lots of water is essential to staying healthy, yet it’s way too easy to lose track. The Vessyl cup hopes to change that.

The Vessyl looks like a nice, but regular cup, but it contains several small sensors that analyze the molecules of whatever goes inside of it. Whether it’s soda, coffee or a smoothie, the Vessyl will look at the molecules and tell you how many calories it has, how much caffeine you’ve had, or if there’s way too much sugar. That information also gets sent to an app on your phone, so you can see over time how much liquid you’re consuming and if you should make some changes.

This high-tech cup can be yours for only $149, which for some people is a small price to pay for good health. So could the Vessyl be the next big thing? Vote and share your thoughts in the comments!


  1. Madelaina Luca

    I think water is the next big thing

  2. trinitee black

    I think that is not the next big thing

  3. trinitee black

    My name is trinitee i think coloring book is not the next big thing

  4. Amanda

    Yes, because it can help a lot of us children and adults with our health!

  5. Amanda

    Yes, because it can help a lot of us children and adults with our health!

  6. Juan

    I think this is a bad idea because some people like the sugar in their drinks.

  7. christopher

    that sounds cool that would let you know when to stop drinking a lot of bad stuff

  8. Olivia Hernandez

    I think that the smart cup is the perfect next big thing. It will help people stay on diets abed become healthier. It is a great thing to put out there for the world to see. It can change the amount of plastic we use which will hopefully become less and help the planet by have less waste. It will help the whole world itself and the things living on it.

  9. althofh

    that is pretty neat id like one

  10. Camiya Gore

    Yes please

  11. Noah

    I want to drink what I want to drink

  12. jordanlj614

    not really,because you have to already pour your drink in order to know what is in it. so if it says “xyz”, are you just going to pour it out

  13. Erin R. Quigley

    Totally! mean come on the cup could save you form being fat or being poisoned, but as some said it does cost like $200, and what happens if it breaks it’s not like you can just go out by anther but still it’s a YES for me

  14. DJPon3

    this cup is about 200 dollars online. so its a waste of time and money and it says it on the back of what your drinking anyway. if they made a cup that detected wether the what your drinking is poisoned that would be very helpful and good for use.

  15. BushDid911

    It’s a great way to waste your money.

  16. Raymond

    it will tell you a lie

    • Sabrina Schemper

      why would it tell you a lie

  17. BriAysia

    Yes! We don’t want kids or anyone to get sick over food poisoning or any thing else disgusting that could be in your water.

  18. Isabella

    I think the Smart Cup is the Next Big Thing because people need to know what they drink and how much they should drink.

  19. Triston

    The smart cup will be very useful to stay healthy and know what is exactly in your drink I think many people will buy it but they should lower the price that’s the only bad thing about it.

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