Vote: Top Next Big Thing of 2016!

By Tonka Dobreva 05.20.2016 blog

This year you saw on the show some amazing, life-changing inventions — from DIY socks that pause your Netflix while you sleep to standing school desks, to a bike that doubles as an environmentally-friendly washing machine, vending machines that sell cars and the NeverWet spray that can make virtually any piece of clothing completely waterproof. We received thousands of votes for each one, and now we are ready to have you choose the ultimate trend to rule them all — the Next Big Thing of 2016!

Vote in the poll below for your favorite invention and tell us why you think it should be crowned the bigger-than-big Next Big Thing of the year. As usual, we will feature the results from the poll and some of your comments on the show!


  1. John Henry Roberts

    No doubt car vending machines. It might make gas stations only sell gas, but it will save time.

  2. Matthew Dudley

    I think car vending machines are the next big thing, because you don’t have to go to a gas station, or a store. It will always be in your car.

  3. amber

    i think it will be never wet

  4. Victoria

    I choose never wet because when you are wearing your pants,t-shirt,or shoes you never get wet from drinks and other things that liquids

  5. Affan

    I think that the Never Wet Is the top next big thing of 2016. I won’t have to change my clothes every time I go to the water park or the pool.

  6. Bliss

    I think that the bike washing machine is the next big thing because you can get exercise, and also wash your cloths. Its a DOUBLE WIN!!

  7. blake payne

    i think that the netflix socks are the next big thing because if your watching your show and you snooze off it will pause so you don’t miss your favorite show without starting it all over.

    • Chamberlynn

      Same it will save u time too

  8. Andrew Vongphouthone

    I really like the cat vending machine because i want a good car, maybe i’ll take a trip to ant place i wan to go. so i want have to pay the salesman.

  9. gage bennett

    i think the bike washing machine because everyone complains that they need exercise and need to wash there close put them to gather and boom!!!!!!!

  10. Arianna from Ms. Cannons class

    I think the NeverWet is the next big thing. From Arianna in Ms. Cannons class Waccammaw Itermediate School in Pawleys Island SC

  11. Daryl

    Love staying dry!

  12. S Bandy

    Versatile applications of NeverWet products provide efficient energy saving routes in many applications.

  13. Liliana Mihaere

    I think the NBT is the bike washing machine because this not only washes your clothing but you can get exercise.If there was not the bike washing machine I would’ve chosen the Never Wet spray because I wouldn’t want my clothing to get wet.But the real reason I didn’t choose that is because you don’t know if it works for all your clothing. 🙂

  14. aaron m

    i think the car vending machine because you dont have to deal with the salesperson

  15. The King

    I think that bike washing machines are the next big thing. I think that because then you could get more exercise by riding that thing. Also, because you wouldn’t really have to waste a lot of money.

  16. Erica

    I think the bike washing machine is the next big thing because lots of people do exercise but at the same time they/some people wash their clothes and have to be checking the washer i think that the bike washing machine is the solution.=)

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