Vote: Top Next Big Thing of 2016!

By Tonka Dobreva 05.20.2016 blog

This year you saw on the show some amazing, life-changing inventions — from DIY socks that pause your Netflix while you sleep to standing school desks, to a bike that doubles as an environmentally-friendly washing machine, vending machines that sell cars and the NeverWet spray that can make virtually any piece of clothing completely waterproof. We received thousands of votes for each one, and now we are ready to have you choose the ultimate trend to rule them all — the Next Big Thing of 2016!

Vote in the poll below for your favorite invention and tell us why you think it should be crowned the bigger-than-big Next Big Thing of the year. As usual, we will feature the results from the poll and some of your comments on the show!


  1. Adriane Allman

    I think all of the are awesome .

  2. Joshua Jones

    i think that never wet would be good because you wont get your clothes all wet and you wouldn’t need a jacket.

  3. Annie

    I think that never wet is 2016’s NBT, because it will make it so whenever you want to buy something like a coat or shoes and you need it to be waterproof it can be. It also will prevent spills at important events or if you have a presentation that you need to look nice for.

  4. deheavenly

    i think its the next big thig beacuse it helps you get around

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