Underwater Cities

By Tonka Dobreva 03.27.2015 blog

Right now, 70 percent of our Earth is covered in water. That leaves only 30 percent for us to live on, which looks like a lot on a map, but isn’t actually that much. Scientists estimate that in a few decades the Earth’s surface that is above water is going to be a lot less. Thanks to climate change, the water levels are expected to rise about five to six feet!

That means cities like New York and Los Angeles that border bodies of water will probably end up flooded, leaving millions of people homeless. So, many companies and scientists are looking for alternatives, including building entire cities under water.

Japanese company Shimz has already drawn up plans and images for what their underwater city, called the Underwater Spiral, will be like. Their idea is to build a giant sphere that floats under water and contains an inner spiral that connects all the homes and businesses.

These giant floating spheres would be able to house thousands of people, and would have hotels, high-quality fisheries and air conditioning! Shimz believes that these underwater cities would be even better for you than the ones we currently have, because of their higher oxygen content, impossibility of earthquakes and typhoons and lack of pollution.

We wanted to know what you thought — could underwater cities be the next big thing? And here are the results:



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  1. lila A.

    no it could take millions of peoples lives and I saw somewhere that everyone in the world could fit shoulder to shoulder in New York so we do have enough space

  2. wolfbones

    I think its a good idea but it would need alot of work to make it a naturel thing!

  3. Colby

    IT’S ATLANTIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. lucy lawal

    we seem to have enough space to live and so much could go wrong. we have the land lets not invade the space of the fish. we would just harm the water more then we have already

    • Serenity

      I think it can be very cool but if any of the people that stay in there they should think about the possibilities of what could go wrong if one person make the tiniest mistake everything could go wrong and not to be a negative nancy but how would you bring the food down without it being soggy and that’d be less of land being explored and houses could be abandoned tsunamis could happen and did they think of sharks? You’d need some thick metal to keep the place from ya know floating if you want to breath underwater find some way to get gills i don’t think its the next big thing because so many things could go wrong and lots of peoples lives could be at risk the sea creatures down below might have more space than us but what about now we are invading space sea creatures have lives as important as ours whether you think so or not and not to make this comment rude or negative its just sometimes i think with my heart not with my brain and if any reads this comment and agrees spread the word save the fish save the fish save the fish!!!

  5. Fortune Fate

    The Underwater cities program is a very intellectual idea. The only problem with that we haven’t explored much of the ocean yet, so there may be a problem that we do not know of yet. Also, the deeper you go into the ocean, the more pressure there is. So that means that we need to find a material that is strong, does not rust, and does not float. Even though there are some faults, I believe we can do this!!!

  6. Vman3

    That would be so cool to live underwater. This would be a good to help the world from being over populated. After this they are going to make a bio dome on the moon.

    • TOM


      • lucy lawal

        i agree with you completely, but no need for name calling.
        we seem to have enough space to live and so much could go wrong. we have the land lets not invade the space of the fish. we would just harm the water more then we have already

  7. Quaseem Garland

    Yes because it is nice to be underwater and cool to live there.

    • chance orlando

      I think it would also be cool but what would happen if there was a big crack in it.

    • Makayla

      I totally agree with you!

  8. Adelina crespin

    Yes this is so cool and a fun way to get exersise and i love underwater

  9. Adelina crespin

    Yes this is so cool and a fun way to get exersise

  10. daniel csrz

    the thought of living underwater is fascinating and it is a good way to show off our technological skills as a nation. for people who want to do the most with their lives this is a good opportunity and allot more safe than going to mars (witch happens to be only a one way trip) this one you can most likely move back out on land if you dont like the way of life underwater

    • Anonymous

      Objection! Mars is not safer than under water. I don’t see how anyone would do this anyway so it’s a moot point.

    • Fortune Fate

      Dear Mr.Csrus, Your comment is very intellectual, and I agree the fact that this is actually safer than going to mars, which is a “one way trip”

  11. tribaljungle68

    WOW Underwater cities mean we can explore the depts. of the unknown and see all the aqua animals of the sea!!!

  12. thealeksqueen

    Underwater cities could mean that we could expand even more. Plus, the views would be awesome.

  13. Barter

    I think underwater cities will be great !dive dive dive !

  14. zoe.gray.

    I think this is a great idea why wait 15 years when you can have it know.

  15. zoe.gray.

    I Love this idea why wait 15 years when it can happen know, because I would want to live under water it would be a cool exsperince

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