Vote: Are Vinyl Records the Next Big Thing?

By Abbey Tiderman 02.12.2017 blog


What do you do when you want to hear the latest hits? Chances are, you simply stream them. Or download them to your digital device in an instant. But what if listening to music was more than easy access to the latest tunes? What if it was a warm, layered, auditory—even tactile—experience? That’s exactly what you get with vinyl records. And they’re experiencing a resurgence.

Sure, they may seem old fashioned, but you definitely won’t need to dig out or dust anything off in order to give them a try. Popular singers and bands from The Weeknd and Ed Shearan to Beyonce and The Chainsmokers have released their albums on vinyl. Vinyl sales have tripled over the past five years, and according to Forbes, 40 million are projected to sell this year alone as people build up their collections—physical libraries of music.

What’s so special about them? Music lovers of all ages enjoy the experience of holding a record in their hands—absorbing the cover artwork, sliding the vinyl out from its sleeve and placing it on the record player. Then there’s the nostalgic crackling as the needle finds its groove and releases crisp sounds into the air. Sound intriguing? Think vinyl would be music to your ears?

Vote and tell us what you think — you can even submit video comments to We will feature the results of the poll and some of your comments on the show!


  1. Mo

    This is awesome

  2. Mo

    Yes, it dates back from a long time ago

  3. Unicornie

    I say this is great for those who like vinyl records – for others, it could be much easier to simply tap a song on their device. Using your device for music will almost guarantee a better sound quality, and you could jam out almost anywhere.

  4. Mama

    At our house, vinyl records have always been THE THING!! We have over 400 vinyl records- mostly music from the 80s, although we have KISS, Iron Butterfly, The Rolling Stones,Elvis Presley (and Costello) and the Beatles. It is a great way to keep music alive and to introduce my children to music from previous decades and to show them where music has gotten its origins. Music today borrows and samples from those older songs, proving that “there is nothing new under the sun”.

  5. Jake

    Yes because people sometimes don’t have the money to get phones and stuff, but they could just listen to music with vinyl records and it might get people to get off there electronics

  6. Chabelly

    I believe it’s the next big thing because it brings the old to the new!!!!!

  7. Awesome

    This not a good NBT

  8. Awesome

    This is not the next big thing because it seems like it would be not as good quality as CDs. Some think that the vinyl record is not the next bid thing. And if you r looking at comments to put on the show can you please choose this one

  9. Lance

    I think it is not the next big thing, because some people might not get in to it and they might think it is a lot of work. Shout out to Mista Yuska.

  10. nathaniel cleveland

    yes i think it yes a good idea

  11. Renee

    No. Vinyl Records might be cool for some people, but for people in school, it might not be for them.

  12. Susie

    Yes. Some people can’t afford an iPod, so Vinyl Records could be a way they could listen to music for a smaller cost.

  13. Claire

    I don’t think vinyl record is the next big thing. We could get the same things on Pandora,it is a bad idea. So no thanks that is just stupid.

  14. kate

    Even thought the vinyl isn’t exactly new to the world, it definitely is a keeper. it fits right in with all the other things from the 50s’ like chokers, high waist shorts, and so much more.

  15. Adrienne

    I think this could be NBT, but they were already a big thing back in the 1900’s… Depends on if you want your inner hippie to shine or keep inside you!

  16. Jazmarae

    No, to many people would rather listen on frostwire for free than on Vinyl records for money

  17. Jazmarae

    I say no, Because even though there is a lot of people who enjoy Vinyl Records this is the 2017 to many people use their Electronics.

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