Vote: Are Fitness Body Scanners the Next Big Thing?

By Abbey Tiderman 04.23.2017 blog


As with anything in life, when it comes to getting fit (for summer and beyond!) hard work pays off. But what if every ounce of effort you put in could be optimized? What if there was a precise “plan of attack” to help meet and keep your health goals? The latest fitness body scanner technology does all of the above and more.

Step off the scale, and smile for the camera. In just under a minute, fitness body scanners use special infrared lenses to take hundreds of measurements of the body, providing a 3D digital model and detailed wellness assessment. From the data gathered on an individual’s unique body type, it generates optimal exercise and eating recommendations. It tracks progress over time so you can see the results of all your hard-earned sweat, and can even do a posture analysis.

Fitness body scanners are popping up at modern fitness centers nationwide. Would you try it if one comes to a gym near you?

Vote and tell us what you think — you can even submit video comments to We will feature the results of the poll and some of your comments on the show!


  1. Jayden pata

    i think they are the next big thing because it keeps track of your weight and fitness it i spectacular

  2. Kaylyn Whitlock

    I don´t think the Fitness Body Scanners are the next big thing because nobody wants to no how much weight you have.

  3. Olivia Rademacher

    Yes, I think this idea will “work-out”!

  4. Sylvia U.

    No because if you scan yourself before than work out you might have lost fat but you can gain muscle

  5. Emma

    I think that the Body Fitness Scanner is the next big thing because it can show you u how much you have accomplished, It can also help you to reach a new achievement! P.S I love this show

  6. Sophia

    No, because if there is someone walking near you when you take the scan, they can see how much you weigh and other information that you might not want them to know, since they’re in public gyms.

  7. Caleb

    I think the fitness body scanner is not the next big thing because it may not be exactly right.

  8. Emma

    Yes, because you can use it for not only how much weight you’ve lost but also to see how much weight you’ve gained.

  9. Ephraim Boomer

    Yes because it helps people with exercise… also can I be featured on the show cuz I’m from willoebrook and I’m cool?

  10. Kwamere S

    Yes, because it can help you get into shape by evaluating your fitness. It can motivate people who use it to get in better shape.

  11. Marvin

    Yes because it helps people know where in their body they need to lose weight

  12. Sophia

    Yes, I think the fitness body scanner is the next big thing because it can help people understand more about their body, and how they can become healthier.

  13. Ethan Chambliss

    Yes, I believe it’s the next big thing because it shows you where you can improve, motivating you to do it.

  14. Sam B

    Yes, because it could help people be healthier, which could possible decrease deaths. And could give you the right workouts so that you don’t overwhelm yourself with workouts you don’t need.

  15. Melanie B.

    I think it is the next big thing because it tells you how to keep track of fitness it looks amazing…

  16. Sydney C

    I think it it the next big thing ,because if you go to the gym you could be doing workouts that won’t help you get more fit or lose weight ,but if you use a body scanner to help with the right workout plan ,then it will help you lose faster and be more fit

  17. wyatt weiland

    no because it could mess up and tell the wrong facts

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