Wheels of the Future

By Tonka Dobreva 12.12.2014 blog

Walking is so last year … Or so the makers of Rocket Skates and Boosted Skateboards hope. These motorized wheels have been generating lots of buzz online, which will hopefully translate into some big sales this Christmas season.

The Acton Rocket Skates are remote-free motorized skates that fit over your shoes for easy use. Each skate has two motors, and the skates actually communicate with each other wirelessly so that they maintain the same speed as you ride. Plus, they keep your feet close enough to the ground that you can easily switch to walking without having to remove them like you would regular skates. spces_models2


At first glance, the Boosted Boards seem to be pretty standard skateboards. But these smart-boards boast motorized wheels and intuitive software that help you get from point A to point B safely. Your body guides the board, but you also have a wireless handheld controller so that you control every movement.


They’re both a little pricey, but many people are still excited to see what these new inventions could mean for transportation in the future.

So what do you think? Should we all be zipping around on these high-tech wheels? Vote and let us know what you think in the comments!


  1. Reagen

    This is lazy, people will stop walking or showing the fun of riding and doing tricks on skateboards or roller skates. Plus, you would need to charge it overnight, which can raise an electricity bill

  2. esmeralda cano

    yes it is

  3. samantha s.

    Please post mine on the screen yes skate it because you can get places alot faster and easer and people who dont like it do not have to buy it .

  4. river

    they should have done that for heelys

  5. isabella lapp hms

    I dont think it would be a good idea because there could be alot of injuries from doing that

  6. Juan

    Please say my comment please

    Skate on it

    • aruna

      I think it is a good idea cause you get to school faster without gas or air pollution happening in your country i think it is a good idea speeds at 18 miles an hour is some fast skateboard

  7. Isaac stockwell

    This has to be the next best thing. This helps us with all the people that have leg problems. We need to make a ton of these. They would get so money for this

  8. Sixpakal


  9. Dagan Burnett

    yes they are cool because you will be riding fast and you don’t even have to get off

  10. Kingjones

    yes lets roll it up

    • JonTronFan

      pizza is tha tasty thang

  11. prince_teddi

    I don’t know how to skate board but I feel like this would be a fun and easy way to learn! Plus It’s a way for me to get out of going outside and actually DOING things!

  12. GageHearn

    I think it would be cool to roll around town

  13. Dan the Man

    Dang i been skateboarding past 7 years and there is new skateboard come out with teach .

  14. Tiger swain

    no was it is not the next bbig think becausekid and teenagers could get het and scrap their self

  15. patrick voss

    i feel like this is already been made and is not for everyone

  16. leya woods

    yes it is the next big thing i cant what

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