The Wonderful Wonderbag

By Tonka Dobreva 11.14.2014 blog

There are many new products being released all over the world every day that are meant to make our lives easier (we’ve covered quite a few of them!), but it’s a little less common to see products that are truly innovative and give back to the world at the same time. The Wonderbag does both.

It looks a bit like a pillow, but it’s actually a cordless and power-free slowcooker, meaning that no energy source is needed to make it work. You simply put your cooking ingredients in a pot on the stove, allow the food to boil for about five minutes, then pop the pot into the Wonderbag. A few hours later, open it up and you have a ready-to-eat meal.

It’s a form of cooking that’s been around for centuries, but what sets the Wonderbag apart is that for every one you buy, one is donated to a family in Africa. It’s particularly useful in underdeveloped countries where many people cook over open fires or old stoves that give off harmful fumes and can cause burns easily.

You can see how the Wonderbag works below:


We polled our viewers on whether they thought the Wonderbag could be the next big thing, and here are the results:



  1. Isabelle Anne

    I think it’s cool and it looks like a good picnic bags u can fit a lot in it I might have my mom buy me one

  2. foxtyl22

    I should buy one of those.

  3. foxtyl22

    It is like magic. Very helpful indeed.

  4. antonia

    Seem’s Very Helpful , Great Idea

  5. Bgamble2014

    It would be very helpfull by carrying needed stuff.

  6. hannah

    i dont know it could be help full

    • Bgamble2014

      It would be very helpfull because you might be able to carry a lot of needed stuff in the bag.

  7. Jackie

    Such a good idea but what is it made of

  8. Jackie

    Such a good idea

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