By Tonka Dobreva 04.17.2015 blog

Many cities around the world have been encouraging their residents to ditch their bad for the environment cars and switch to a healthier alternative – bikes! But sharing the road with motor vehicles comes with lots of safety rules that are sometimes hard to follow, like wearing reflective or bright clothing at night.

That’s why Volvo in the UK is testing a new reflective paint called LifePaint.¬†Unlike other reflective paints, LifePaint looks white in the daytime, but turns into a super-bright surface at night. Since it covers the entire bike, it’s easier to see than the small lights that come with most bicycle models.

Best of all, LifePaint can be used on clothes, backpacks or shoes — and washes off easily. This way almost anything can be turned into a safe reflective surface.

So what do you think? Could LifePaint be the next big thing in bike safety? Vote and let us know what you think in the comments!


  1. lucy lawal

    not everyone wants that white paint on their bike forever, just be a day rider

  2. Maishawn Jones

    I think this is a perfect thing for me because i like to ride bikes at night in my neighborhood and my neighborhood has a lot of cars there so when i ride my bikes i can be safe and not get hit this time.

  3. Zoe Brown

    As a biker, I really appreciate the person that invented this. I love to go night riding, but I live in a busy city, and it is not safe. this bike paint can change that!!

  4. sadaria

    I love this idea it could change peoples life

  5. Erin Nalley

    Night bikers should definitely use this paint on their bikes. This is awesome because it can keep them from being in danger from cars. Even people who prefer to walk at night can use this for safety, on their clothes. So I think the glow paint is the next big thing!

  6. Rylee Beuschlein

    I think people should use this so peopledriving can see them

  7. gummybear64745

    This would be awesome to have because if you had this there would be less accidents in the world and it’s a better way for people driving cars to see you:)

  8. samanthanance

    I believe many night riders should use this paint on their bikes. This spray is perfect because it works better than reflectors. Night runners could also use it on their jacket or shoes. So I think the glow paint is the next big thing!


    im gonna get my glow on and so should you LOL!!!!!!!!


    get my glow on and keep us safe

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