New for Premium Subscribers: Enhanced Lesson Plans and Media Literacy Activities

By Cari Jackson 08.21.2016 blog

Welcome back to Channel One News! Premium subscribers will see some changes for the 2016-2017 season, all designed to make your experience with Channel One News even better.

Streamlined Navigation

We’ve streamlined the left menu on the Video and Curriculum pages. Check it out, and you’ll see “Student Activities” and “Teacher Resources,” grouped for greater ease of use in the classroom or in a flipped classroom environment. Teacher Resources includes Standards on every story and enhanced Lesson Plans on one featured story per day.

New! Words in the News

Vocabulary is now called “Words in the News.” We have expanded the focus to include both academic vocabulary and key terms students need to know in order to follow the major stories of the day.

Enhanced Lesson Plans

Our enhanced lesson plans walk teachers through an expanded lesson for one featured story per day. Use it on the day the show airs, or find that story later in the Video Library. The lesson plans now include opening and closing activities, which offer teachers a chance to assess prior knowledge, quickly see students demonstrate understanding and reveal opportunities for future lesson planning. The featured video segments still include a deep-dive slideshow to build background and enrich learning, as well as standards-aligned explanatory, argumentative or narrative writing prompts.

Media Literacy Activities

Channel One News offers a perfect launching pad for gaining the skills to access, analyze, evaluate and create media. Standards-aligned media literacy discussion prompts and activities guide students to compare network coverage of stories, evaluate sources, spot bias, determine an author’s purpose and much more. Search under Standards on featured videos for correlations specific to your state.

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  1. Hailey

    Out of all the next big things from this season my top favorite would be pancake printer

  2. Ethan Colp

    this is so fun to like channel one

  3. Jordan G.


  4. Grace

    We love you

    • arrowgirl440

      you are correct,we love you

  5. Grace

    You are the best

  6. Channel One News

    Thank you for the feedback. We are pleased that you find Channel One News to be such a valuable resource. As you know, for 26 years Channel One News has delivered our daily news program at no cost to classrooms nationwide via televisions that have been donated to schools and also over the internet. We offer a daily standards-aligned discussion question on-air each day and a wide array of additional resources on including the weekly quiz ( at no cost. In addition, this fall for the 6th time Channel One News will run our One Vote Student Presidential Mock Election at no cost to schools. Downloadable Posters, ballots and a mock election guide will all be available free of charge at

    Over the years, the costs of producing our newscast and the associated material have risen significantly and it has become increasing difficult to offer both the daily show and the curriculum material at no cost. The Premium product which includes the daily show, the video library and the curriculum material has been developed and tested by a team of educators.

    We hope you will continue to watch the daily show at no cost and consider the following funding resources for Channel One Premium.
    • Make a request with your school’s HSA, PA or PTA
    • Add Channel One News Premium to your classroom wish list for $199
    • Add the $8/child cost (for a class of 25) to your school supply list that you send to parents at the beginning of each year

    Or visit our Funding page for other grant ideas.

    Thank you!
    The Channel One News Team

  7. katrina larson

    This is the only place I’ve been able to find a subscription price.

  8. Lisa

    I could a,ways count on CHANNEL ONE for quality lesson plans to use as bell ringers. I m very disappointed that these are no longer available to us

  9. Alvita Payne

    I am a high school teacher of Diverse Learners. I am extremely disappointed and saddened to discover that access to the discussion questions, multiple choice questions, and vocabulary are no longer available for me to share with my students unless I pay for them! My students thoroughly enjoyed and looked forward to watching Channel One News. I would use it as a “Bell Ringer / Do Now”. I also recommended Channel One News to many of my peers… I am hoping that you all will reconsider. Thank you in advance for your time.

    Ms. Payne


    Very disappointed with the sudden price tag on a service you provided since Anderson Cooper was on Channel One. Two hundred dollars is not doable for schools like ours, $20-$50 sounds more like it for a starting price.

  11. Elliott Willingham

    I too join the chorus of disappointed teachers. Many of my students learn about the world through you in-depth reporting and the old format worked well, particularly with the questions and vocabulary that was available daily. To lose that as a resource is most disheartening. Please reconsider your audience and adjust the pricing accordingly.

  12. Mark Martell

    I would just like to join the chorus of voices who are not happy with the loss of the emailed quiz questions. I appreciate that Channel One is a corporate endeavor that desires to make money, but 5 daily quiz questions is not worth the hefty price tag of $200. I would certainly be willing to pay a much smaller fee to get the material we used to get emailed to us for free sans the other curriculum content that is available with the premium subscription. I also agree with Jacqueline that new format is harder to work with. I am not interested in having students take 4 or 5 little quizzes. A single 5 question quiz was just a more efficient format…we are teachers, we don’t have time to waste fumbling with multiple quizzes.

  13. Jacqueline Williams

    I am in total agreement with Barry ! I am a high school special education teacher in Naples Florida and I used ChannelOne news as my Social Studies curriculum last year. I was totally heart broken and disappointed to find out that it was going to cost me $199.00 to have access to this valuable resource . I even signed up for the free 14 day trial and I must say that I hate the format! I would highly suggest that you keep the previous format. The five multiple choice questions , 3-4 vocabulary words and 2-3 discussion questions were perfect!! If there is anyway that you can return to the old format at a reduced rate (free). I along with so many others would be forever grateful!
    Thank you,
    Jacqueline Williams

  14. Nancy Wood

    I teach adult GED and ESL classes for North Arkansas College Adult Education in the small town of Berryville, Arkansas. Last year I also received your emails that included discussion questions, multiple choice questions, and vocabulary. I used them daily to help bring the world to my adult students who did not watch news or get to see a balanced reporting of the news that we get from Channel One News. Also my 16 to 25 year olds are still struggling with career/job choices and challenges and Channel One News really opened up ideas and options for them that they wouldn’t have had without the 30 minutes daily I used of the class time to present and discuss Channel One News. This is a huge disappointment for me that I will not be able to receive the daily quiz questions unless I subscribe to the premium service. I cannot afford this service and will not be able to share this valuable resource with my students any longer. Is there anything I can do to continue receiving at least the daily questions?

  15. Barry Brunk

    I teach at Carolina Forest High School in Myrtle Beach, SC. Last school year I received your emails that included discussion questions, multiple choice questions, and vocabulary. I used it daily in my 9th grade special education classroom as a warm-up activity. C’mon. It is a huge disappointment that I will not be able to receive the any curriculum assistance unless I subscribe to the premium service. We are all in this together folks. I cannot afford this service and will not be able to share this valuable resource with my students any longer. Is there anything I can do to continue receiving curriculum materials?

    Barry Brunk

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