Newsblock 101

By Gary Hamilton 09.13.2011 blog

There may have been times you’ve sat in class watching the show, and thought: “Hey, I haven’t seen some of the news team in a while. I wonder where they are?”

While it’s true that we get to travel to great places covering important and cool stories, chances are if you haven’t seen us in a few weeks, we’re on what we affectionately call “Newsblock Duty.” Newsblock, or the headlines section, is an extremely important part of the show. It provides you all with the most important news stories relevant to you. It’s also one-third of our show almost every day.

Usually, a digital journalist such as myself goes on six-week Newsblock rotation. Our associate producers, and even a few of our production associates, also take turns working on it.

The process of putting the Newsblock together is rather lengthy; every morning at 10:30, the staff has a meeting in which we “pitch,” or suggest potential stories that we think would be good for the show. After the meeting, our two most senior producers decide which stories we’ll use.

From there, a reporter or producer will spend an hour or two writing the script for Newsblock before submitting it for approval. Once our bosses make changes and corrections to the script, it’s time to “shoot”, or to film the headlines. The person in charge of the Newsblock will shoot, produce and edit this entire section of the show. Sometimes we film it with just one anchor, and other times with members of the news team. Once we shoot our on-cams (the part where you see us on TV reporting to you), we track, or voice-over the script into a microphone in a tracking booth.

Once that’s completed, we take that footage, along with footage from the news events we’re going to tell you about that day, edit everything together into what you’ll see on the show using a program called AVID. The fun part is that I almost have complete control over how I edit, what pictures and video I use, and the “look and feel” of that section of the show.

When I’m done, my bosses come check my final product. If there are any corrections to be made, I make them, and then it’s ready to go. The entire process can take between eight and eleven hours, depending on if we have breaking news, or if any of our stories get cut from the show, which sometimes happens too.

So that’s how we put together the Newsblock. I still have a few more weeks to go, so you won’t see me on-camera for a while. But now you have a behind-the-scenes glimpse into a huge part of our show!


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