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By Channel One News 10.30.2017 blog

Help students get the most out of Channel One News with these note-taking graphic organizers. Have students fill them in while watching the show or during reflection after viewing. The organizers support on-level and advanced students in recording notes and also provide reinforcement of concepts for English learners and other students who need more practice. They focus on four comprehension strategies:

To find appropriate video content for practicing specific comprehension strategies with students, filter videos in our Video Library by Skills and Strategies. Before having students use an organizer for the first time, explain concepts related to the strategy.

Cause and Effect

  • A cause is why something happened. An effect is the result of the cause.
  • Certain words and phrases signal that an effect is being stated: as a result, therefore, so, then, consequently, thus.
  • Other words and phrases signal that a cause is being stated: because, since, as a result of, unless, for this reason.

Compare and Contrast

  • To compare is to tell how things, people, events, places or ideas are similar or the same.
  • To contrast is to tell how things, people, events, places or ideas are different or not the same.
  • Certain words and phrases signal that a comparison is being stated: same, similar, similarly, both, like, as well, also, in common.
  • Other words and phrases signal that a contrast is being stated: different, differ, however, but, in contrast, unlike.

Fact and Opinion

  • A fact is something that can be proved true. It actually happened, existed or still exists. For example, Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States.
  • An opinion is someone’s idea or belief about something. For example, Lincoln was the greatest president America has ever had.
  • Certain types of details are facts: dates, locations, statistics, names or events.
  • Certain words and phrases signal that an opinion is being stated: perhaps, probably, believe, think, feel, in my opinion, best, greatest, worst, should not, should.

Problem and Solution

  • A problem is a challenge, obstacle or other situation that causes trouble for someone or prevents someone from doing something.
  • A solution is something that solves the problem.
  • Certain words and phrases signal that a problem is being stated: problem, dilemma, challenge, how can ___ be solved?, what should ___ do?
  • Certain words and phrases signal that a solution is being stated: solution, the solution is, resolution, resolved, one answer is.

Student Models

Use the following model organizers to familiarize students with the organizers and comprehension strategies. At moments noted on each model organizer, stop the video and point out the example. Then say aloud the model notes in the model organizer, and guide students to write similar notes in their blank organizers.

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