One Last Popsicle

By Maggie Rulli 09.10.2013 blog
One Last Popsicle

School is back in session, labor day has passed, and the air is turning crisp…fall is here. But this weekend, I went to a food festival that featured some of the best food trucks in NYC (The Vendy Awards) – and the one truck that I went back to again…and again? (O.K….one of the many trucks I went back to again and again…) The truck handing out Popsicles.

So I say heck – I know it’s fall…but before things get really cold, let’s enjoy a few more Popsicles.

So here are 5 of my favorite variations of frozen fruit on a stick! Go crazy and create your own — just try to use real fruit and avoid adding extra sugar!

You’re turn: what’s your favorite way to eat fruit on a stick?


  1. Kinzi

    I love the taste of yogurt popcycles!

  2. Beatrice-Longstockings

    i like potato flavored popsicles

  3. Sayde Marshall

    My favorite way is my mothers new recipe, LEMON & LIME WITH SOME HIDDEN CUCUBER” ( I learned that a few days ago 😉

  4. 2013-9-10-Reagan-Walker

    Flavor*** not clover

  5. 2013-9-10-Reagan-Walker

    I love watermelon with a hint of coconut milk. The coconut milk just brings out the clover and sweet ness of the watermelon.

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