One Last Popsicle

By Maggie Rulli 09.10.2013 blog

School is back in session, labor day has passed, and the air is turning crisp…fall is here. But this weekend, I went to a food festival that featured some of the best food trucks in NYC (The Vendy Awards) – and the one truck that I went back to again…and again? (O.K….one of the many trucks I went back to again and again…) The truck handing out Popsicles.

So I say heck – I know it’s fall…but before things get really cold, let’s enjoy a few more Popsicles.

So here are 5 of my favorite variations of frozen fruit on a stick! Go crazy and create your own — just try to use real fruit and avoid adding extra sugar!

You’re turn: what’s your favorite way to eat fruit on a stick?


  1. Kinzi

    I love the taste of yogurt popcycles!

  2. Beatrice-Longstockings

    i like potato flavored popsicles

  3. Sayde Marshall

    My favorite way is my mothers new recipe, LEMON & LIME WITH SOME HIDDEN CUCUBER” ( I learned that a few days ago 😉

  4. 2013-9-10-Reagan-Walker

    Flavor*** not clover

  5. 2013-9-10-Reagan-Walker

    I love watermelon with a hint of coconut milk. The coconut milk just brings out the clover and sweet ness of the watermelon.

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