Our (Awesome) Volunteer Resource List

By Alex Honeysett 09.18.2013 blog

We love hearing from you guys. We especially love hearing from you guys when you’ve seen something on Channel One News that has inspired you to want to contribute your time, energy and resources to making an impact on a person or community.

So many of you have emailed and asked “how can I help?” that we began compiling a list. We featured several of these organizations – like Locks of Love and Salvation Army – on the Impact section of our blog.

But the list got bigger, and we realized that sharing that list could be a great resource. For example, if you’re looking for a way to get involved in your community but you’re not sure how, this list is a great place to start. Or if you’ve seen a story on Channel One News about a cause that you’d like to get involved in, this list will feature organizations directly related to what we’re covering on the show. And if you’re already really passionate about an issue – like poverty – you can use our list as a resource to educate yourself on the various organizations that support that cause.

Our list is organized by topic and we’ll be adding to it throughout the year. But if there’s a volunteer organization that you love and think other people will love, send it our way.

In the meantime…watch this space!



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