Parking Art

By 05.01.2014 blog

If you ever feel like you’re living inside a Joni Mitchell song — a world full of parking lots — this idea for the next big thing might be for you.

In an effort to get creative, beautify AND raise funds, some schools are selling the rights to personalize parking spots in the school lot. For between $30 and $50, you can now declare your sports affiliation, extracurricular affinities, or maybe just your initials on a reserved parking spot — which also means you don’t have to drive around looking for parking every morning.

And while this idea might seem a little¬†unfair for students who don’t drive to school — the schools that are doing it say that it’s worth it because of the funds it brings in to support extra programs that are always in need of extra funding.

So what do you think? Is personalized parking the NBT? Vote in the poll to weigh in! 


  1. Hannah

    Personalized parking spots would be cool, but it would probably take a while to personalize the whole spot.

  2. victor

    it’s only 30 dollars how bad can it be

  3. Uknown

    I think this is awesome because people could show how good they can draw

  4. Mackenzie S

    What about the people who have to park in lots that are not paved and can not decorate? Not all parking lots are paved and so that is not fair for them. Just stick with the signs saying that is your spot instead.

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