Pinterest Pages for the Social Studies Teacher

By Monica Burns 07.27.2015 blog

Teachers gather ideas for their classrooms from many places, and Pinterest has become a popular platform for educators. It lets users organize links that are represented by an image. Teachers collect favorite lesson ideas, inspirational quotes and online resources on their own Pinterest pages. Here is a list of Pinterest pages for Social Studies teachers:

Primary Source Documents – Susan Vaughan

This Pinterest page includes links to a variety of Social Studies lessons that help teachers incorporate primary source documents into their instruction. It includes ideas for anchor charts to display in your classroom as well as resources for teachers using interactive whiteboards.

Geography Lessons – Julie Haverland-Allen

Teachers looking for ideas to update their geography lessons will appreciate the collection of websites presented on this Pinterest page. It includes inspirational quotes, examples of activity sheets and ways to get students moving as they explore different parts of the world.

Current Events & Government (Civics) – ClassicalAcademPress

This Pinterest page shares a handful of activity ideas for teaching about the United States government, including bulletin board ideas, graphic organizers and posters. There are links to books and instructions on how to make a Bill of Rights bingo.

Ancient Greece – Ancient History Ency

This page from the Ancient History Encyclopedia includes links to images of pottery, sculptures and sites from Ancient Greece. With this collection teachers can access information and quick links to topics they may want to highlight during a unit on this time period.

World History – Heather Nicole

On this Pinterest Page, teachers will find more than 200 pins on World History. It includes lesson plans, inspiring articles and ideas for your classroom. The visuals collected on this page include timelines, maps and primary source documents. This collection has plenty for World History teachers to explore.

Economics Infographics – Scott-Lee Nichol

Teachers looking to introduce high-quality visuals to their students will like this collection of infographics. This Pinterest page has visuals on the American economy, population growth and the global carbon footprint. With this page teachers can present information to students that spark conversation and discussion.

Geography – Ticia Adventures

With over 170 pins, this Pinterest page has a wide variety of geography resources. Teachers can find lesson ideas to tailor to different units of study and grade levels. There are ideas for virtual field trips and map-making as well as posters to hang in your classroom.

Educational Quotes – The CAFS Network

On this Pinterest page you’ll find quotes on education presented in different formats. You can use these colorful posters to kick off the start of your school day or periodically shared with students.

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Monica Burns is an EdTech & Curriculum Consultant and Apple Distinguished Educator. Visit her site for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher.

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