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By 04.13.2014 blog

On today’s show, Keith Kocinski told you about Audriana Beattie, a young, female athlete who took her case to court when her school told her she couldn’t compete against male athletes when she went from sixth to seventh grade.

Beattie’s father argued that there were referees to help protect the safety of all the athletes on the mat, and Beattie herself felt that in wrestling, skill is often more important than strength. A judge decided in her favor, and now she’s on her schools wrestling team. But not everyone agrees with the decision. Her school initially blocked her from being on the team in the first place because they said the “physical size, speed and power of male athletes could create a competitive disadvantage and a hazard to the health and safety of female athletes.”

But the fact is, Beattie, and other female athletes, are increasingly asking to be put on an equal playing field, even in extremely physical sports like football. So we want to know what you think. Vote in the poll to weigh in — then leave us a comment explaining why. 


  1. Bobby Baker

    I think they should let girls play in sports in my 4th grade there 6th grade year they had a female football player but now she cant play football

  2. Erika

    Boys play in the sports that is mainly for girls like cheerleading and gymnastics so why cant we be in boys’ sports?

  3. Jake the snake

    Females should be able to play with boys in all sports
    Although males are a lot rougher females should be protected

  4. liz smit

    i think that girls should have the right to play sports with boys and that girls can do anything boys can do and that just because the sport is meant for boys does not mean that girls can play it same goes for girls sports

  5. Jack Murphy

    In my opinion girls should be aloud to compete with boys in all sports, except track and feield events. Boys have bigger lungs allowing them to breathe better. I think girls should play with guys in every other sport.

  6. Kim Hurst 8th grade homeroom

    If girls are allowed to play football and wrestle then boys should be able to go out for sports like volleyball. If we are wanting men’s and women’s roles to be equal in all places then that should also include sports as well.

  7. Keilah Anderson

    Girls should be able to compete with boys because we are just as good as anybody else. Just because we may seem weak and innocent doesn’t mean we can’t get our game on. We have equal rights.

  8. Hannah

    Yes, girls should be allowed to play any sport. Sports have coed teams. All genders are equal. Girls have every right to play a boy sport such as football, baseball, and wrestling!

  9. Hannah

    Yes, girls should be allowed to play any sport. Sports have coed teams. All genders are equal. Girls have every right to play a boy sport such as football, baseball, and wrestling!

  10. Kaitlyn L.

    Honestly, girls can and could be the same or better as boys. In my indoor soccer league, many girl teams went up against boy teams, and won. Many girls excede in sports against guys. Plus, going against guys can help improve a girls skill level. As mentioned in the story, girls should have equal right in all things, sports, academics, and job opportunities.
    -Kaitlyn L.

  11. Aminata

    I think girls should be able to play with male athletes because sports should be for everybody.

  12. Mado-Patato

    I don’t think girls should play sports with the boys. They can still play sports like that or different sports. the boys need some space sometimes….that’s why they have different teams for boys and girls.

  13. Kylie

    I don’t think that girls should do sports with guys. But I didn’t say they couldn’t do that sport, they should just make a girls team and a boys team.

  14. liz smit

    I think that girls should be allowed to play sports with boys because girls and boys should have equal rights and girls can do anything boys can do they should be able to play any sport even if usually only boys or girls play it

  15. Konrad

    I say yes because they have equal rights just like boys do.that’s means that boy’s can play girl sports to. But it is all up to the parents to decide whether they play or not to but still take safety precautions because boys are huge

    • Aminata

      I think girls should be able to play with boy.

  16. NONY

    What are these people commenting like 12 y/o?
    Girls and boys are not the same, on average guys are more athletic than girls once they hit puberty. Yes, some girls are faster or can shoot a basketball better than some boys, that doesn’t mean the whole gender is better. I think if a girl wants to play a sport that is not available to her then she should be allowed to try out for the boy’s team, but be graded on the same standards. It does get tricky because the girl wouldn’t be able to change in the male’s locker room. But also, what if a guy wanted to play volleyball and there was not a guys team at the school? It likely wouldn’t be allowed. That doesn’t seem particularly “equal” to me.

  17. Melissa

    Everyone is equal! Girls and boys. According to the 19th amendment woman have all the same rights as men!

  18. Arisa

    Girls Should be allowed to play any sport they want to and it is not really considered boys sports and girls sports.

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