Power Trip

By Sarah Mirza 09.05.2011 blog

If you live in Texas or have ever visited during the summer, you know it’s boiling hot with little relief. I grew up in the Lone Star State, and I still remember how every July I’d feel like I’d stepped into an oven just by opening the back door.

But the heat doesn’t stop Channel One! Shelby and I packed extra sunscreen and flew to Galveston, Texas to get started on a big, new series we’re working on. This one’s about energy, the different kinds we use, where it comes from and the politics associated with it.

We kicked off our Texas road trip by visiting a retired offshore oil platform in Galveston, then we drove to Austin to check out a natural gas lab at the University of Texas, and we finished things off by climbing a wind turbine at the world’s largest wind farm in Roscoe, a small town in central Texas.

Here’s a short video with some of the highlights from our Power Trip.

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