Project Tsehigh: How to Get Involved

By Channel One News 04.06.2017 blog

Author: Eden Ghebresellassie,  Project Tsehigh

Project Tsehigh (pronounced se-hai, PjT for short) was established in New York City in 2015 by Founder & Executive Director Grace Mahary, who is an Eritrean-Canadian international model and global activist. PjT is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing uninterrupted energy to impoverished communities around the world via renewable energy sources. The vision of Project Tsehigh is a world with clean energy accessible to all.

PjT’s first mission is to connect the village of Maaya in Eritrea with access to sustainable electricity. With approximately 70 percent of Eritreans lacking access to sustainable energy, there is tremendous opportunity for improvement in the quality of life for people across the country. Sometimes we may not realize how lucky we are to have energy and electricity in our lives. Imagine trying to finish your homework after dinner without any light, having to brush your teeth before bed in the dark, or not having a way to charge your tablet. Creating solar energy is a great way to solve these issues.

Here’s how you can support PjT and help the many families and students in Maaya:

  • Attend a fundraising event: PjT hosts fun health and wellness events to raise funds to support its missions. The next event will take place in LA on April 29th with Russell Simmons!
  • Volunteer: If you’re interested in helping at any of the upcoming events, email
  • Spread the word on social media: Use hashtags #SolarEnergy #SolarPower #CleanEnergy; You can also follow the project here: IG/Twitter/FB @ProjectTsehigh
  • Donate!


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