Q-R Coding the World

By ch1c0nta@ctus 10.22.2010 blog

There are tons of ways to find out about something you’re interested in buying — online, in a catalog, or even old school, by talking to a salesperson. But there’s another one that hasn’t quite caught on in the U.S. yet, but that you might find is easier than ever as it starts to pop up in all the places you shop. It’s called a QR code, short for “Quick Response” and it looks a bit like a bar code.

This new pattern, however, can tell you way more about something than just the price. It works when you take a picture of one or scan it into your cell phone. The code then pulls a website with information about whatever it is stamped on — a food package, electronics, even a building. We’ve also heard that Facebook is experimenting with allowing users to generate their own QR codes with links to pictures or other information, in status updates.

What do you think? Will QR codes soon be taking over the world, giving you more information than you dreamed with the click of a camera?


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  2. Emmanuel kalejaye

    They shouldn’t really do that because it wont feel very comfortable and doesn’t feel right

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