RAK Week

By Cassie Hudson 02.06.2014 blog

This month may be all about carnations, candy and crushes–but how about some kindness?

Established in 1995, The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation is a nonprofit organization that inspires people to practice kindness and to pass it on to others.

Which is (you guessed it) where you come in: From February 10-16, the organization is celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Week. Want to step out of your comfort zone and attempt a few random acts of kindness?

We’ve got a few ideas for you:

1. Open the door for someone

2. Cook dinner for your family

3. Smile at one new person a day

4. Eat lunch with someone new

5. Thank your bus driver

6. Organize a custodian appreciation day by writing thank you letters and signs

7. Give someone a compliment

8. Donate old towels or blankets to an animal shelter

9. Walk your neighbor’s dog

10. Shovel a neighbor’s driveway or sidewalk

11. Write a positive tweet/comment/blog post online

12.  Surprise a neighbor with a basket of baked goods

13. Give a friend a hug

14. Send your parents a sweet text

15. Buy someone a coffee

No act of kindness is too small or goes unappreciated. YOU make the difference.

If you participate in Random Acts of Kindness Week this year, use #RAKweek to tag your social posts and share your good deeds with us — and the world!



  1. Makayla-Groulx

    I do a lot of this.

  2. Victoria-Reeves

    I do all of this on a daliy basis except for 5,because i dont ride the bus.6,because I happen to appreciate the power of the spoken word.8,because we dont have an animal shelter.9,because my nearest neighbor is about a mile away.10,we dont normally get snow or sleet.12,see 9.And 15,I dont have money on a daily basis to even get me one but if someone needed a coffee and i had one id give that one to them,and if i drank from it find another way to sanitarily offer it to them.

  3. will


  4. will

    i have a crush… i helped the poor

  5. Samuel-Vasquez

    I opened the door for so someone

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