Rapping Up the News

By Sarah Mirza 10.04.2011 blog

After an informal, unscientific and unofficial poll, we’ve
figured out that the favorite feature on Channel One is Friday?s “Week in Rap” segment.

I get it ? it?s got a good beat, it?s memorable and it?s…the
closest thing you’ll get to listening to your iPod in class.

Let me tell you a little bit about the process of getting a full-on music video
ready to air on each Friday. It?s HARD! I’m sure the Flocabulary artists find it
difficult to come up with lyrics and a melody and then a recording every week.
But then we at Channel One have to create the visuals that you see as you’re
listening to the song. We comb through the entire week’s footage plus the “extra” stuff Flocab throws in there to keep it interesting. It can be a
time-consuming process.

Editing the Week in Rap can also be a way to get out the creativity that?s been
storming inside. Why? Because anything goes. We?re encouraged to think along
unconventional lines, let our imaginations loose and unleash that inner artistic

And this week will be no different. I?m proud to say I taught myself an editing
technique using Adobe AfterEffects and I?ve been itching to use it in a story. I
took a class last winter to learn the basics of that program, and it?s been
loads of fun — and only a teensy bit frustrating — building my skills beyond the classroom. What better way to experiment than in The Week in Rap? I hope you
enjoy this week?s edition.


  1. Marissa

    The flocabulary is awesome ! My social studies teacher shows it to us every Friday ! Now I can see it every day

  2. Joshua-Watkins

    flocab is the best part of my week!

  3. Deven bezold

    I love this dogs you make me gegal dog bro I love the flocab

  4. Deven bezold


  5. Deven Bezold

    oh man dog I love the flocab you know what im sayen ?

  6. danimah-brock

    flocablary is cool on fridays my calss is always jammin to it

  7. Alexander-Phillips

    flocabulary is the best thing that channel one news has come up with. thank you guys for making learning fun

  8. Kierramills

    I love flocabulary they make th weeks lessons into awesome songs.

    • Jake Bon

      lol yea my teachers love it

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