By ch1c0nta@ctus 01.20.2012 blog

When I lived and worked in South Carolina, I rescued a pup.

Her name was “Jennifer” she was 6 weeks old and the cutest little ball of fur ever. No offense to any Jennifers out there, but that name was just not fitting for this pooch. I re-named her Ronan (like Conan O’Brien, but with an “R”) after a stuffed lion toy I had as a kid. She immediately responded to it — not kidding — so I knew it was a great name for her.
After her adoption was finished, we got ready to take her home when one of her brothers came back to the shelter after testing positive for parvo, a deadly virus that claims the life of about 50% of the pups that contract it. I was assured by staff that since she didn’t show any signs, she should be fine but that I should consider a visit with their specialist just in case.
Of course, I agreed. And it was a good thing I did, because she did end up contracting the virus. After a week-long fierce battle for life, a bunch of moola and two plasma transfusions later, “Ro” (her nickname) survived. Now 9 months old, she is one the funniest, energetic, and smartest dogs I’ve ever had. Adjusting to the life of a city dog has been a bit of a challenge but I can’t wait to see how she responds to the snow! I’ll keep you guys posted on her status and post some silly videos of her soon.

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