Run, Ruunn… Ruuuunnn…..!

By ch1c0nta@ctus 09.16.2012 blog

I had only heard tales of a “Zombie Infested 5k.”

Never did I think the horrors were true, until we set foot on the grounds of the Run For Your Lives Zombie 5k, in Butler, Pennsylvania. As we approached the field that had been transformed by incredible team of volunteers and staff members the reality set in that we were in for a totally immersive experience.

And man…was it ever. Blood, body parts, and an eerie fog were everywhere as we pulled in just as dawn broke.

As you can see from the videos the track is packed with zombies and other runners. There were about 750 zombies that day and over 5,000 runners. Sounds crazy right? Well compared to their larger runs it?s a drop in the bucket. San Diego and Boston both had over 20,000 runners and two days of events.

Now, I?ve seen plenty of zombie movies and since the black guy always dies, I went to some experts to get some advice. They told me I needed to remember a few simple things to stay alive:

1. Stay in a group! No need to face a Zombie horde alone.

2. Try not to think too much about the best course of action and just act. (I felt like this one was a trick.)

3. Speed is your ally and your enemy. It may get you past one group but directly into the bloody hands of the next group.

4. Above all else have fun. No real zombies are actually at the race today. (But how would they know until it was too late?)

Check out some of the interesting characters we met along our journey of death and back in the videos and slideshow below.

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