S.T.E.M. Careers 101

By Julian Dujarric 03.27.2013 blog

You may know TV actress Mayim Bialik from the “The Big Bang Theory” where she plays a neurobiologist named Amy. Playing a brain scientist comes with its own set of challenges, specifically, pronouncing wordy scientific jargon like subthalamic nucleus or contralateral homonymous hemianopia.

Umm, yeah, I don’t know what those words mean either! For Mayim, these words just roll off her tongue. That’s because she learned them while pursuing her Ph.D. in neuroscience, which is the science of the brain. I caught up with her just a few weeks ago at an event for “National Her World Month,” a program that encourages young women to pursue careers in S.T.E.M. You should definitely check out the segment here. She was super nice and you can tell she’s really passionate about the “Her World” mission.

So why are S.T.E.M. jobs important? Well, according to officials, S.T.E.M. jobs are in high demand, and they’re projected to grow more than 7% faster than non-S.T.E.M. fields through the year 2018. Not to mention the fact that they’re some of the highest paying and coolest jobs out there!

If you’re thinking, “really — what’s so cool about them?,” I’m glad you asked! Here are just a few of the jobs in S.T.E.M. industries that’ll have you picking up that text-book in no time!

Thanks to the tech site Mashable for the inspiration here.

NASA Curiosity Driver

The mars rover landed on the red planet back in August, and it’s taken some pretty spectacular photos. It?s also given scientists back here on earth, important data on that 4th rock from the sun. As awesome as the rover is, what?s even more awesome is the fact that there’s a human being controlling the rover’s movements!

Sports Statistician

Love your sports? Are you obsessed with batting averages? You should probably look into a career as a Sports Statistician. Your job would entail keeping track of all game Stats like scoring and player data. Those stats are used to make some pretty important decisions like how to improve plays and even settle call disputes. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for a Sports Statistician is about $77,280.

Professional Hacker

Guess what. You could HACK COMPUTERS for a living! Increasing cyber security is a huge priority for government agencies and big corporations, and both are willing to pay big bucks to someone who can better protect them against cyber security threats.

LEGO Land Designer

Who would’ve thought playing with LEGOS as a kid would’ve landed me a job as a professional LEGO designer? “Wait, you mean to tell me that building LEGOS is an actual career?” Oh yeah! Believe it or not, it takes a great amount of architectural know-how. A degree in engineering will put you on the fast track to building the most impressive structures in all of LEGO LAND!

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