Sayonara Sweaty Shirts

By ch1c0nta@ctus 10.08.2010 blog

by Christa Fletcher

Summer has come and gone, but sweat patches on your favorite shirts seem like they’re here to stain. Instead of hiding your perspiration, there’s a new invention for men’s formal shirts — a fabric that directs your sweat with SmartWeave. The shirts, called FreshMax, have a patented technology which spreads moisture to predetermined areas of the fabric. 

Just think, no more embarrassing sweat stains on the dance floor, during speeches, or at family events — but don’t worry, you aren’t the only one — did you know that 1-2% of people suffer from excessive perspiration? It’s actually a condition called hyperhidrosis. Now, there’s a simple solution. FreshMax shirts aren’t a revolutionary fabric, they are 100% cotton, but the patented weave wicks away moisture allowing the shirt to dry quickly.

In addition to the sweat-free guarantee, the shirts are easy to iron and clean — just don’t use fabric softeners. Plus, the pricing is about the same as any other formal shirt, so it won’t break the budget like other methods of prohibiting perspiration. So, what do you think, are the FreshMax shirts a fresh idea? Vote below.



  1. korryn albert

    uhh yeah I want fresh clothes to wear so I’m going for it I don’t want to wear dirty clothes nowhere of where I am going either school or public so I don’t feel like wearing filthy clothes infront of my friends or infront of my teachers because they will think that I am a weird child or a 9th grade girl at high school so imma say no I don’t feel like like wearing any trashy clothes because if so then I have to wear shirt and a skirt or shorts or pants I feel like wearing fresh clean sparkarly clothes that can shine like a dimond in a clothes of laundry so I feel like being confortable in regular smelly laundry fragant smell I like to smell good all day

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