Scotland by the Numbers

By Tonka Dobreva 09.17.2014 blog


  1. jay123

    i don’t think the Uk should be a free state cause it will be more confusion for the the county and state.

  2. Rebecca

    Scotland should stay part of Britain it is like a state leaving United States they are the United Kingdom and should stay together as United.

  3. lexy adkison

    I think it would be a great idea a quick easy way to get a sweet treat so let there be cake.

  4. #YOLO

    I think that scotish people should stay with the British people if they leave the UK they will not have eny help unless they come or pleed they will fall and have no protection.

    • epicface

      i agree

  5. Mary Thomson-Marin

    I was pleased that ChannelOne reported on the Scottish Referendum for independence, but it was too biased. Just like the mainstream media, your reporting focused on “British” or “English” voices, rather than Scottish voices. It’s about Scotland and how the English/British have governed them over the course of over 300 years.

    • #LOL

      Mary Thomas-Marin I agree with you. They’re only taking the English and British perspective not the Scottish. It’s the Scottish Territory!

    • kellybelly01

      so was i

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