Should Columbus Day Be a Holiday?

By Tonka Dobreva 10.12.2014 blog

Columbus Day has been a federal holiday in the U.S. since 1937, but now some towns across America are choosing to scrap the holiday and instead honor Native Americans who were here before Columbus landed in 1492.

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  1. Nicolás Paredero Quirós

    I don’t think that Colombus Day should be a holiday because he discovered America but there was already people in America. However, people from America could discover Europe before Christopher Colombus.

  2. Gabriel

    Yes and No because you don’t have to go to school on the holiday, and no because he did harsh things. Also he didn’t discover America the Natives did.

  3. Damian S.

    No, People should not celibrate a day about a hash man and like stated before “You can’t discover what has allready been found”Mrs.G 2014

  4. Tony S.

    Yes and no. Yes because I can benefit from a day off and relax at home.The reason I say no is because the indians already lived in the U.S, and how can you discover something thats already been discovered .

  5. Dylan G.

    I don’t think that Christopher Columbus Day should be a holiday, because he invaded us, killed many native Americans, and made them work, but if one person did something wrong the entire group would be harassed, and whipped, but that one person would be mainly punished.

  6. Juan Carlos P

    I don’t think Columbus day should be a Holiday .Because Columbus was really means to native americans. But even thought he was mean and everything he still was part of our culture, I honestly disagree. Columbus day shouldn’t be a holiday for many reasons,

  7. Frankie Alexander Mosley Idlett king

    I say no because the Native Americans were the first people to find the U.S.. So it’s unfair to the Native Americans although Columbus was a good man he still doesn’t deserve to be the first person to find the U.S. So my answer is no 🙂

  8. Alissa P

    I think it shouldn’t be a holiday. The first people in America were the natives, and Columbus was mean to them. Like he made them slave.

  9. Mia K

    I think that kids shouldn’t have school on Columbus Day. One because kids get a break from school and two because we should honor a holiday. I think that columbus day shouldn’t be in school for many reasons.

  10. Francesca. L

    I think that we should have both holidays for whoever thinks witch one is they respect to. For example I will vote for columbus day because columbus was very mart with maps and never gave his hop to find (India) even thaw he landed on America where the Native Americans were at. On the other hand other people would like a holiday for native americans because they were the first people who ever lived in Americas and had a lot of good ways for resources that they have four food and clothing.

  11. Allegra S

    Yes I think that Columbus Day should be a holiday. I think this because we should honor the Native Americans that died because of him. Also I think that Columbus Day name should be changed to Native American Day

  12. RICK D

    Yes it should because you get a day off of work and school and so a lot of people use this day to visit family that live far away and they also use this day to get to know each other. Some people also needs this day if they work all day . It also releases many peoples stress either with homework, work, school, jobs, etc. Even though this person didn’t originally discover America and treated the natives wrong it was still a Holiday world wide.

  13. Bruno Rebessi

    I think that Columbus Day should be a holiday. I think it should be a holiday because for many or most Christopher Columbus was the founder of a new world. So i think that it should be a holiday.

  14. Abraham G

    I think that we should honor the Native Americans because they were there first. Also because Columbus was mean to them and killed many of them.

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