Should Health Workers Who Treated Ebola Patients Be Quarantined?

By Tonka Dobreva 10.27.2014 blog

There has been an ongoing debate over the mandatory 21-day quarantine for medical workers who have treated Ebola patients.  On the one hand, some state officials — like the governors of New York and New Jersey — say that in order to prevent the disease from spreading in the U.S., it’s important to home-confine and monitor medical workers even if they show no symptoms of the disease.

On the other hand, infectious-disease expert warn that the policy is unnecessary and could discourage volunteers from traveling to West Africa and helping out in the danger zone.

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  1. jg3757

    Yup help the zombies plz dont want to die but yes cure it but if they can cure Ebola they can cure cancer

  2. Rahjon-Daniels

    They also need help! Help the people!

  3. BMW

    I really want Ebola bc well its crap and Im dope

    • CarterYOU ARE COOL

      So thats not good for them at all guys lets see if they have or not

  4. Aishah L.

    Yes, I think they should be in quarantine. I think that because we don’t want many people to die because of Ebola. I think two weeks in quarantine would be adequate for health effects.

  5. Kirsten

    Yes they should be because if they aren’t then they could have a delayed reaction and get it later and you may think it is extreme but it’s not it. The people of America want to feel safe they don’t feel safe if they know there is a deadly virus going around that does not have much being done about it. But if there is extreme levels of safety being taken then the people know they are safe and then they can trust the government even more than they do :). Why are they rejecting being quarantined ? Well i think they just need to think of the safety of our country. They could think they are being forced against their own will but the states no offense would rather have 1 person die than a whole state or even worse a whole country.

  6. lonely3897

    I think that they should not be quarantined, because it could cause the health care workers to not want to help in other countries which would cause the infection to spread more than if the healthcare workers do help. Also, just because health care workers don’t go over to help doesn’t mean it wouldn’t come to the United States, because of tourists and other people whom might be travelling.

  7. Aequinoctium

    Populus qui ad auxilium perdere nituntur ebola non clausa, si qui velit, ut sint auxilio late virorum et mulierum, tantum exiguis auxilium parva in zonis Ebola quarantine pervagata. (The people that are attempting to help destroy ebola should not be quarantined, If people want to help, they must have a wide spread of men and women helping, having small quarantine zones will only help a small amount of the Ebola spread.)

  8. Daisy Martinez

    I think that everyone who has treated Ebola sould be quarantined because our society can’t take that Risk to other people and at the same time I think that they shouldn’t be quarantined because it not fair for the nurses and doctors who care about our society and are trying to help people

  9. Valentina R

    I agree with this statement, doctors and nurses who take care of passions with Ebola should be quarantined because it prevents the virus from spreading, and also it could save millions of lives just by isolating a single or several people who have been killing the sickness. During those 21 or 20 day so the virus will start to “get less stronge”, it will not have any where else to go (attack a victim), and it will probable dissapear and the person would be out again. This activity should be aproved by the U.S government so this sickness stops it distribution.

  10. Adrian A

    In my opinion people who are sordina with treating with ebola patients should be quarantied for 21 days, becuase as we know ebola doesn’t have a cure. If we check the workers who treat ebola the virus will be more organized and has a less chance from spreading. As we know ebola is not airboarned but it is contagious by bodily-fluids, yet we still have to be secure so the virus doesn’t become a plague or a very severe virus. I think we can control it and keeping it from spreading

    • Adrian A


  11. kiho910

    No, I don’t think so. Why? Well, take into consideration, have they been tested for Ebola? If they haven’t even been tested for it, I don’t see why you should be quarantined for it! Just because of a slight change of temperature? Who is to say they didn’t get into a heated argument with someone on the plane back? That would change the average temperature. It’s unfair to those people who went and helped, to be accused without proper investigation. Do the tests. Positive? Quarantine. Negative? Allow them their freedom. It’s against basic human rights to accuse someone without any real evidence.

  12. mccookie44

    they are just thinking about everyone so let them do what they do so the rest of america dose-it get to.

  13. mccookie44

    Yes for everyone safety and it not just me who thinks this it most of my family and class.

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