Shout it Out

By Kristen Brody 03.28.2012 blog

So you wanna be on Channel One News? One of the easiest ways is by recording a One Shout and posting it on Here’s some inside advice on how to get your clip chosen to be on the show

1. Include your name, school, city and state in your video.
2. When recording, hold the camera steady and make sure everyone is in focus.
3. Film in a place that is well lit so we can see your shining faces.
4. Have fun and don’t be afraid to make it creative.┬áBut always at the end say: “Channel One News starts right now!”
5. The last step is to upload it. Click here to get to the right place.
I look forward to seeing a bunch of new One Shouts in the future!


  1. Allie Cowden

    I want to give a shoutout to my favorite teacher ever to Jenna Darcy for being a good teacher and to teach us new skills everyday and I love my favorite teacher ever

  2. Tysheem

    Here at forestview high school

  3. Tysheem

    I wanna give my fav teacher a shout out mr Mcconnell

  4. Linh

    I watch channel one news every day at school and the school that u attend to go to is Melvin E. Sine

  5. Maddy Nielsen

    This is Maddy from gila ridge high school and I used to watch your show in Ron Watson. Do you still do the school shout out were you say “Yuma is watching us now.” Well could you do that.

  6. Ezmeralda

    Give us the shout out for the weekend

  7. East Perry

    Hey give us a shout out on here tomorrow!!!

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