Simone Chaddha: 3 Things to Help You Choose If You Are an Undecided Voter

By Simone Chaddha 10.18.2016 blog

It is very important to vote in the student mock election and to have your voice heard because, sooner or later, it’s going to be your time to make a decision. It’s a good exercise to be well-informed and to practice your right to vote so you are more prepared when the time comes. Also, for a lot of the promises that the candidates make, their target audience is the younger crowd because they want to win your vote. So you, being apart of the younger crowd, do matter because you live in this country, and the president wants to take care of not only the adults, but also of America’s youth.

The advice I would give to undecided voters in this year’s mock election is:

  1. Go with your gut.
  2. Think of the outcome when either of the presidential candidates is elected. Think of how it could effect you and the country as a whole.
  3. Make an educated choice. It definitely won’t help to make an uneducated choice because you never know what will come out of it — and you may regret your decision later on. So always stay on top of your political knowledge game with new information popping up about each candidate!


  1. Stacie

    Donald trump all the way

    • chase

      trump rocks

  2. Dj

    Hillary Clinton is a good role model for young lady’s but Donald trump wud run the united states like a business. Either way if it came down to it I think Hillary wud probably be better for us.

  3. Madison

    Hillary Clinton

  4. Ryan Stinson

    Donnie Trump since the beginning.

  5. Nicolas

    Hillary Clinton

  6. jheriko watson

    hillary clinto

  7. bob dod

    Jill Stein

  8. bassirou aw

    Hillary Clinton

  9. Walaa

    Hillary Clinton

  10. Eboni

    hillary clinton

  11. landon

    they should have not declined the football game because what if the players wanted to play the football would the others know if they would have won.

    • rhett

      are you landon smith and your right

  12. christen

    Donald Trump

  13. SAm

    HIllary Clinton

    • Paul Davis

      Hillary Clinton

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