Simone Chaddha: Does Clinton Get Fair Coverage in the Media?

By Simone Chaddha 09.01.2016 blog

Democratic National Convention

My favorite speech was definitely the first lady Michelle Obama’s speech, because it was inspirational by talking about love and passion and solidarity, to continue to keep America great. She also mentioned how she thinks Hillary Clinton will make a difference in children’s lives who are working non-stop to make a better life for their families. She talked about her courage, her perseverance and persistence. Those are the perfect characteristics of a strong leader.

Her endorsement made a big impact on me because it really shows me that this election isn’t about pure competition or hatred. It’s about soul, love, honesty and leadership. Michelle Obama believes Hillary Clinton has demonstrates those qualities, as do I. Which is why I support both Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Candidates in the Media

I watch the news and that is how I get the most information about the election. I do believe the candidate I support gets fair coverage in the media. From what I’ve seen on the channel I watch (MSNBC), they make her look good in a way that if she says something that rattles a lot of people, they won’t make it nearly as dramatic as some people make it seem. And if she says something that a lot of people agree with, they’ll make sure to emphasize that so then more people will pay attention to that and vote for her.

Party Unity

The Democratic party doesn’t have to worry about problems with unity¬†among its member, because that’s what the Democratic party is all about: coming together to make America even greater than it already is. In a number of speeches at the DNC, the topic of solidarity was brought up quite often in a very good way. So lack of working together is nothing that the Democratic party needs to worry about.

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