Simone Chaddha: Do I Agree with My Parents’ Political Views

By Simone Chaddha 09.15.2016 blog

Yes, I agree with my parents’ political views. Whenever I don’t watch the news, they sort of feed me the information that was on the news. However, they give me the information with their biased opinions mixed into it. So if that’s the only way I’ve heard the information, and if it makes sense, then I don’t see a way I could disagree with that. Maybe I disagree with how they tend to be closed-minded when a candidate they don’t support comes up with an idea. But at the same time, when they explain why they might be a little closed-minded, it makes sense to me, and I just don’t really agree with that as much.

My political views are influenced by my parents though, because if I don’t understand something, which kind of happens a lot, they never fail to explain it to me in a mature way so that I do understand it. Also, in our house, the topic of politics constantly comes up, so when my parents do talk about politics, over time my mind just picks up what they say so I think the same way.


  1. Turner White

    My parents don’t agree on witch candidate should be our next president and neither do I because, they both aren’t fit for this job.

  2. Henry

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