Simone Chaddha: The issues of police brutality and gun control

By Simone Chaddha 09.15.2016 blog
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I don’t think Donald Trump addresses police brutality, which is definitely a growing problem. Maybe because he doesn’t notice how big it’s become, or it’s not as important to him than Hillary. But it is a big issue that needs improvement so I do believe he should focus on it more. For the most part though, I think they address a lot of problems that could use the slightest bit of improvement. I might not agree with how they want to improve the issues, but I respect their opinion, and either way, they’re just staying true to their brand. That’s their job as candidates for president.

I love the way Hillary Clinton addresses gun violence. I think that’s a growing problem in our country, and Hillary wants to further background checks when purchasing a gun. She’s vocalized that if you have a mental illness, or a criminal record, then you shouldn’t be allowed to posses a gun– I think that will really help gun violence for the better.


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