Simone Chaddha: The Issues of Police Brutality and Gun Control

By Simone Chaddha 09.15.2016 blog

I don’t think Donald Trump addresses police brutality, which is definitely a growing problem. Maybe because he doesn’t notice how big it’s become, or it’s not as important to him than Hillary. But it is a big issue that needs improvement so I do believe he should focus on it more. For the most part though, I think they address a lot of problems that could use the slightest bit of improvement. I might not agree with how they want to improve the issues, but I respect their opinion, and either way, they’re just staying true to their brand. That’s their job as candidates for president.

I love the way Hillary Clinton addresses gun violence. I think that’s a growing problem in our country, and Hillary wants to further background checks when purchasing a gun. She’s vocalized that if you have a mental illness, or a criminal record, then you shouldn’t be allowed to posses a gun– I think that will really help gun violence for the better.



  1. Michael

    Problem #1 with your post: The problem with your blog post is that criminals committing gun violence aren’t going to follow the rules of purchasing a gun under any kind of law, background check, whatever…

    Problem #2 with your post: Fact…more white have been killed by police shootings than blacks. The media wants ratings and will manipulate which stories to show and how. People, even police make mistakes and sometimes they are wrong, but for the most part, police shootings are justified. Dig deeper that skin color and take a look at the “victims” background, criminal history, and what they were doing to resist arrest or threaten police and/or civilians

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