Six Seconds to Sparkling

By 03.06.2014 blog

Did you know there are different methods for brushing your teeth? And that they have names?

Neither did we, until we heard about this idea for the next big thing: The Blizzident. It’s a “tailored toothbrush” that your dentist helps make for you using an impression of your teeth. The custom device, full of toothbrush bristles, is then ordered and suddenly you’ve shaved minutes off your toothbrushing time — it only takes about six seconds to brush! The device will cost you about $300 for an initial mold, but after that you only need to replace it about once a year, and the company says replacements are “only a fraction of the price of a new one.”

But wait, there’s more! They also say the Bizzident eliminates the need for flossing, which is great news, unless you’re into flossing.

So, is the Bizzident the next evolution of tooth brushing? Vote in the poll and tell us where you stand!


  1. louis morron

    i love channel 1 news it is toats amazing!!

  2. adam holguin

    this show is so amazing i think we should be the next big thing

  3. David Wood

    Well think this is a great idea you can just get brush your teeth and get were you need to be so think this could be the next big thing.

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