Slow Your Roll

By 01.30.2014 blog

When you’ve got just a 20 minute break for lunch, it’s all too easy to shovel in some food without really tasting it. But did you know eating too quickly can have a seriously negative impact on your health? It’s because your body doesn’t have time to process the signals that tell you you’re full, so you often end up eating more than you really need to. What’s more, for some, eating fast can cause indigestion and don’t get us started on the choking hazards.

That’s where this idea for the next big thing comes in. The HAPIfork is a wired up eating tool that vibrates when you’re going too fast. It also connects to all kinds of software that helps you monitor your diet and calorie intake, so if you are trying to loose a couple of pounds, it can help with that too.

Is this next gen fork the evolution of eating? Vote in the poll and tell us what you think!

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