Smart Sports Gear

By Tonka Dobreva 10.16.2014 blog

Good news student athletes! Some tech companies out there are on a mission to address the issue of serious concussions on the playing field.

There’s been a lot of recent media coverage about sports injuries, especially concussions, among students. Though the percentage of kids who suffer from fatal concussions is relatively small, parents and educators are still worried, and the number of kids who sign up for sports teams has been decreasing across the country.

That’s why two companies, Reebok and i1 Biometrics, are working to make it easier to measure the impact of hits that players get, so that coaches can react accordingly.

Reebok’s Checklight system consists of a cap with sensors that counts how many times your head is impacted. Using a system of red, yellow and green lights, your coach or parent can then administer a concussion test if needed.

i1 Biometrics’ Impact Intelligence System also aims to provide information about head impacts. The company created a mouthguard that sends alerts wirelessly to a laptop or smartphone. This allows coaches to make quick decisions about a player’s safety on the field.

So do you think is the next big thing in sports? Vote and share your thoughts in the comments!



  1. Connor zolakar

    I think yes because it can prevent people from getting hurt now if you were hurt in a sport you would of wanted not to be injured so I say yes we should make protective gear – thanks for your time

  2. Soccergirlrocks11

    I like the idea because it might come in big handy one day

  3. Ms.Carters Class

    Yes we think the smarts sports gear is good and will protect and possibly save someones life

    • Soccergirlrocks11

      I think that the tec sports gear is a good i dead because i no that when i plag soccer i like knowing when i get hurt and same when i play football

  4. Nick3301

    Yes! This is the next big thing! This is a good way to protect a person!

  5. Nollen

    I agree that sports gear should be the next big thing. Say that a player gets dizzy and woozy, The coach wouldn’t know and the player would end up needing medical attention.

  6. Boogieboy

    Best Idea Ever!!!!!!!!!! ;}

  7. Cassidy Lammers

    I think it should

  8. paris111

    Sports on!!!!!

  9. Samantha Engler

    let us play our sports in peace

  10. Savannah

    This is a cool device. It may just save your life. People may say no because they think that if it doesn’t stop the concussions then, it isn’t saving your life, it’s just another piece of worthless junk. But it may not stop the concussions, but if you do have one then, you can know if it’s just a minor thing or if this is more serious. This may limit doctor visits for athletes, but then you don’t have to pay for an unneeded visit.

  11. pokeswyeah

    this will help us a lot.

  12. Illuminati SwagMaster5000

    I don’t think so. I would LIKE it to be so, however the fact is, that since it all be new, and very technologically advanced. With these factors and many more, it’s gonna be insanely expensive for ONE person, not to mention entire teams. Also, i doubt the fans would want to pay or have as much fun to see people cower away from the game in order to not get hit. AND, if people don’t pay, then there’s just no funding. Plus, i doubt anyone would actually change the entire format of the game for this sports gear.

    • pokeswyeah

      well, it’s safer and money is your thing

  13. Solidblade209

    I think this is the next big thing because concussions and sports ingurys happen way to often and that’s why sometimes I don’t like certian sports like football or hockey.

  14. Bradley W

    I think sports gear would be a good idea to help players not get hurt but if someone was putting there helmet on the ground and they put it down hard that might make the phone buzz

    • Bradley W

      I would like to have this new gear because I have been playing football since I was 5 and I want to stay safe

  15. Akae

    And when I try out for football next year if I get on the team I want to know that while I’m playing and having fun I still want to be safe and since I’m a skinny very breakable girl I really want to be safe

  16. Akae

    I say yes cause we actually need the equipment so I think will be the NBT

  17. alajah

    yes because i have a famliy member i football he has go hurt and the coach did not even know it, this way people know to stop a bone break or death.

  18. weirdo 101/roxy#

    i thnk it would be weird cause most football players dodnt wear them things under their helment

    • Channel One Rocks!!!

      I believe it is a awesome idea!!! At our school there is a lot of injuries and now these injuries have a possibility to be prevented!!!

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