Social Media That Pays

By Tonka Dobreva 10.03.2014 blog

If you like the idea of getting paid to share pictures of your cat, talk about your favorite video games or let everyone know about the awesome band you just found, this social network might just be the next big thing for you.


Sponsored Content is a two- year-old social media site that offers users one cent for every like, view and comment that’s made on a post. The team behind the fast-growing start-up believes that people should be sharing in the millions (and sometimes even billions!) of dollars that social networks rake in every year. At first a penny may not seem like a lot, but if you create a lot of interesting posts, that money begins to add up.

While the site doesn’t yet have a huge audience like Twitter or Tumblr do, there have been reports that some users have already made more than $10,000 individually by posting on Bubblews. That definitely gives you something to consider the next time you decide to upload a video on Youtube or put your photography on Instagram.

What do you think? Is getting paid for your social media posts the next big thing? Vote and sound off in the comments!


  1. David

    Yes, Any type of social media MUST Comply With COPPA. That States that being Under 13 And On Any Social Media Is Technically Illegal. So Yes Adults May Post About Adult Topics And “Little Kids” Should Simply Not Be On Social Media

  2. hardlover01

    i dont think we should because we could talk about very inapropriat stuff.

  3. MIneturtle123100

    I give this a 50/50. People are choosing to use technology more which can be dangerous your phones and computers can be hacked and they can steal personal things or you can even give out to much personal info on sites, that is a real problem but, the flip side people who do things like making funny videos or trying to start a career use these sites, if they are getting paid it probably makes them feel like they have done a good job.

  4. Luke

    i’ll look good while tweeting

  5. Steven ward

    I don’t think we shooed because if we just post something inappropriate stuff you still get paid and because your getting paid to teach little kids stuff that we should not need to know so that is why I don’t what people to get paid for posting stuff

    • David

      Its Illegal For Anyone Under 13 to Be On Social Media.
      Just Go To

  6. Savannah

    I think it is a neat idea for you to get paid to post something then like someone else’s post. If you want a job then posting something on this website people see you have a talent plus you get paid.

  7. yasmeenthehijabi

    It’s a great idea to pay people a small amount for every like or comment because the company shouldn’t waste their money with people’s videos and/or content that aren’t even what people enjoy or like. Great idea. Will be a very successful company/ website. Thanks to Channel 1, people are going to sign up and start filming.

  8. soccerdude

    I don’t really care if we get more money for our post because to be honest if they do that people are just going to waste their time posting stuff. People just need to go to school get a good education and get a good job. Then you won’t even have to post stuff and get more money.

  9. Austin from smalltown Iowa

    I think that social media that pays you to use it is a smart Idea. People should get paid for boosting up the number of users that use the social media page. They get users and don’t give the people who got them that any credit. Then they pocket the money and claim it is non-profit. When people get paid for doing what they love, they get on more, getting more money for the site.

  10. StielFalcan1st

    People should be able to be paid for what they love. Just one question, why no? O_o O_O o_O

  11. Foxy Roxy

    That moment when you see that some people voted no o_o

  12. wolfr2934

    Yes, I Agree With This.. This Could Help Out Future Parents Or Parents Nowadays That Want Their Child To Achieve In Something And Life And Dont Got Much Money

  13. Savanna

    No what if there just putting random stuff on there and posting and geting money for it all

  14. Anna


  15. Lindie

    I dont believe this will work because sites such as twitter and facebook are already so popular and to try to start another site that pays would take a long time to get people to try it out and decide to ditch the popular trends.I think we should just stick to what we know.

  16. Kelseyrocks21

    I believe that this is a great idea and that getting paid shows more respect for the artist making the videos. However, my class And I thought about It; and we think that it would definitely be a posiitive step forward.

  17. jacob horton

    well i say no because it might become a app for smart phones and teens might get more and more distracted and more will die from getting hit by cars

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