Studying Your Cell

By 09.08.2014 blog

You probably had to wait until you reached a certain age before you got to do a lot of things. Driving, for sure. Having a part-time job, maybe. Getting your ears pierced, sometimes.

How old were you when you got your first cell phone?¬†And do you think having a phone at any age makes a difference in how you interact with others? How you communicate? Or even how your brain works? That’s what researchers are aiming to find out.

But do you think it matters? If someone wants or needs a phone for whatever reason, at any age, do you think they should have one? Vote in the poll to weigh in, then leave a comment explaining why. Be sure to include your first name (only!), age and state if you’d like your comment to be used on the show.


  1. Amarah

    I think that kids should have a phone at least till they are 8 years old because if they didn’t, then they won’t be able to call their parents if they are in trouble

  2. kellybelly01

    I am 13 I think kids 8 through high school should have phones cause if something happens they could DIE and you can’t do nothing 911 can’t do nothing and you would not be able to see your kid or kids again and you would regret it I would if that happen to my kid

  3. Soccer girl

    I think you should get your phone between 8 and 10 I got mine when I was 9

  4. ChyChy_Chandler

    I think teens should be able to have them, even at school. im not say we should have them on and texting all day im just saying we should have them for an emergency, like say if u were in a lock down. you could tell your parents your ok.

  5. CupcakeMaster

    I think it should be between 10 and 12. Because kids that do things like sports or have to go to a friends house to study need some way to reach a parent or Guardian. But the problem I have is What if they aren’t using the phone correctly and taking care of it. But I leave it up to the parents.

  6. Autumn Sides

    IN my opinon its the parents choice.

  7. Dakota Arnaud

    Ok so I’m thirteen years old and I don’t see why a kid is not support to have a phone?? If a kid has to walk home from school and something happens how are they suppose to get in touch with someone?? I think that a kid at lest ten years old should have a phone! All kids at the age of ten should have a phone!!

  8. Christian wilborn

    6 Or 7

  9. Rachel

    I don’t think kids under the age of ten should have a cell phone. I don’t agree with six year old kids getting a cell phone, I mean who are they going to call.
    Rachel, 11, Colorado

  10. Lonestar001

    I hoenestly think your parents should choose when you get one, but I would say 10-12 would be the right time.
    Jordan, 11, Minnesota

  11. Jordyn

    I think kids should be at least 10 years old in order to have a cell phone. That is the age when most people begin to start getting competitive with their sports requiring them to be left alone with their team while their parent go run errands. Then, they can just call their parents when the practice is over. Also at age 10 is when most children begin to spend the night at friends houses. If they have a cell phone, they can call or text their parents if they need anything without disturbing their friends’ parents. At the age of nine, you also begin to learn responsibility. If your child is very responsible maybe purchase them a phone at 9, but most people shouldn’t receive a phone until they are 10.

  12. Owen

    I think you should be between 10-12 to have a phone because you need to be responsible and that’s the age everybody wants to go somewhere by them self and they have no way of communicating with their parents. I am 11 years old and I dont have a phone, id love to, but is has made concentrate more on schoolwork than electronics. I also live in Iowa.

  13. brandons

    i think that you have to be 12 and up because you need them but when your are younger you always stay with your parents

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